Red Nose Day 2017!!

Today was Red Nose Day! We have been raising money for children in Africa, the United Kingdom and all around the world. Did you know that when you are in the UK you are never further that 40 miles from a Red Nose Day funded scheme? The grand total raised today was £484.17! We raised £366.80 for non-uniform, while on the ‘Guess The Sweets’ game we raised £117.37 that makes a grand total of £484.17, Thank you so much for all your donations and efforts in getting dressed in red for red nose day! As well as dressing in red some people even painted their face or dyed their hair!
The winner of the guess the sweets was Taylor in 3P with a guess of 304 sweets, when the jar contained 327 sweets in total! This lucky girl got to take the full jar home with her.( Lets hope she shares them with her big sister the Blogger!) 

By Adam and Alex.

6R’s Class Assembly

This Friday 6R had their class assembly.  It was all about what they have been up to in last half term. It included their trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Circulatory System, specification in Science and Danny Champion of the World. Following their topic on Blackpool  they wrote some amazing newspaper reports, one of which was about Blackpool’s old ride, the Mouse Trap and also one all about a snow storm at school .

Due to the fact that is was  Roald Dhals 100th birthday this year, they created wonderful setting descriptions and carried on the story of Danny the Champion of the World from a certain point.  Also they learnt about the Circulatory System  writing digestion diaries where they were a piece of food going on their journey through the circulatory system. They all spoke very clearly and they finished of with Mr Rhodes’s general knowledge quiz ( which they said he likes to give them at any spare moment). There were lots of happy faces in the audience. Well done 6R.

By Brooke and Emily

Prom 2016 For The Year Sixes

On Tuesday Year 6 had their prom which will be there last at Blakehill! Every Teacher was there even MISS WILKINSON!!! Everyone looked beautiful in their suits and dress’s (even the teachers got dressed up!)

When we arrived we walked up a ‘red carpet’ while Mrs Russell took our amazing photos! After that we went into the main hall (which had been decorated in the style of a VIP lounge and we were treated like stars!) and played some games and danced with all our friends and teachers! Before long it was time to announce the Kings and Queens of prom! These people were chosen by the people in their class for being the kindest, friendliest and most down to earth people in the class that everyone got along with. And the winners were…….
In 6R…
Darcy and Adam
and In 6W…
Iqra and Joseph

Well done guys!
We even had a buffet which went down a treat! Everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves.

By Joseph, Elyse and Macie

Year 6 Auditions

Year six teachers have been working hard all week to hold auditions for the end of Year Six production. If you didn’t know what the end of year production is, it is a show put on by Year 6. This Year they will be preforming Oliver! The year Sixes have also worked hard trying to get a part and making sure that they do their best. All the year sixes have done very well and they tried their best during the auditions which have been held by Mrs Bottomley and Mrs Bedell. Today all the year sixes were happy to find  out the parts that they have! They were all excited and if they didn’t get a part or the part that they wanted I hope they are still happy! Congratulated to all the people who got the parts they auditioned for. This would have never have happened if all the teachers in year six hadn’t have organised it, so many thanks to them as well as the year six students!

By Elyse