Year 6 Leavers Production

WOW, What a fantastic evening we had at school last night! If you hadn’t guessed, last night was the Year 6 leavers production for parents and they sure did put a show. For weeks the children have been working hard, practicing their roles for the big event and it really paid off. They put on a fantastic show and all the grown ups fully enjoyed themselves! The children really did themselves proud and even had Mrs Keighley in tears at the end. She spoke about how the children have made all the staff and parents proud throughout all their time at Blakehill and we couldn’t agree more. We wish them all the best as the move to their secondary schools and hope that they continue to work hard and do us proud. Don’t forget to come back and visit us anytime!

Here are a few picture from the night and a little sing along song from the show.

2017 Leavers Prom

Last night was the Year 6 leavers prom and it was a wonderful night for everyone that attended. The children made a real effort to get dressed up to come and have a good time with their friends before moving on to their secondary schools. Thank you to all the staff that made the evening possible. Please take a look at some of the pictures below.


Last week, 41 Year 6 pupils got on a bus and travelled to Robin Wood activity centre for their jam-packed  3 day residential. It took them about 1 hour on the coach to get there. But when they arrived they couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

First, they had to walk 20 minutes just to get to the centre! Once they arrived they were shown to their dorms and had 20 minutes to unpack their things and get their kit bags ready for when they had a shower or after they got out of the piranha pool. After that, they were sorted into their groups including: Whirlpool,Ocean,Wave and Iceberg.Then were given all the activities that they would be doing over the next 3 days,which were:Giant swing(basically a bigger version of a swing that went much higher!), the Zipline, Piranha pool, Nightline, Knights Quest, Raft Building, Canoeing, Dungeon Of Doom, Caving, Crate Challenge, Trapeze and Rock Climbing!  Our favourite activities were: Giant Swing and Zipline!

The food was delicious and the dorms were very comfy to get to sleep in. We had our food in a beautiful dining room. Then for our sandwiches we went into the sports hall and got to choose what filling we wanted and chose a packet of crisps along with a blue ribbon biscuit.

Not to mention ,on the last night it was Megan’s birthday so, we got a piece of her tasty cake along with hot chocolate and a tune into Robin Wood Radio and listened to each group’s star of the day and why they chose them!

We all had an amazing time and made a lot of memories before we left!

By Emily and Adam

Countdown to SATs for Year 6!

It’s almost SATs week for Year 6 but don’t worry! They have all been given a booklet containing: SPaG (Spelling, punctuation and grammar), an arithmetic paper and reasoning questions to help them prepare, try and have a go at everything in the pack to help your brain ticking over before the big event. And if you would like further help to revise at home don’t worry because help is here! Below you can find links to some familiar websites that can also help you:

Don’t forget to try and relax and rest up, we want you all refreshed and ready to go. Enjoy your half term!

By Adam

Red Nose Day 2017!!

Today was Red Nose Day! We have been raising money for children in Africa, the United Kingdom and all around the world. Did you know that when you are in the UK you are never further that 40 miles from a Red Nose Day funded scheme? The grand total raised today was £484.17! We raised £366.80 for non-uniform, while on the ‘Guess The Sweets’ game we raised £117.37 that makes a grand total of £484.17, Thank you so much for all your donations and efforts in getting dressed in red for red nose day! As well as dressing in red some people even painted their face or dyed their hair!
The winner of the guess the sweets was Taylor in 3P with a guess of 304 sweets, when the jar contained 327 sweets in total! This lucky girl got to take the full jar home with her.( Lets hope she shares them with her big sister the Blogger!) 

By Adam and Alex.

LAP Sports Day

Today a select number of children from Year 1 to Year 6 were lucky enough to go to Swain House Primary School to attend the LAP Sports Day! They had a fantastic time and all did their very best. It was great to see members of the school competing together and encouraging not only themselves but also the other schools, they should be very proud of their sportsmanship. The staff that went with them said they were an absolute pleasure to take. Sadly, they didn’t any Gold medals but the Year 3s and Year 4s came away with silver medals and Aaron in 4L won Male Athlete of the tournament! Have a look at some what a great time they had below.

Well done to everyone who went along.


On Wednesday, Mr Sidebottom held an assembly (for KS2) -which are probably held every 3 weeks – this amazing assembly is all about maths. In this assembly teachers give in some people’s MATHS work which has been impressive. These children get a maths award which is a a certificate and a pencil.

And it doesn’t stop there! No way! Mr Sidebottom does a KIRF competition where children are quizzed on their mental maths in front of EVERYONE!

This time it was the marvellous year 6! Three children were chosen to shout out them KIRFS read below to find out ….

6R       VS      6W 

Adam               Lily

Elyse                Iqra

Darcy               Charlotte 

By Macie



5S Assembly

Today 5S performed a fantastic assembly in front of the school. They remembered all of their lines and spoke loud and clearly before they sang ‘7 Years Old’ very well!  If you are wondering what the assembly was about well you are about to find out. Their assembly was all about Ancient Greece and they acted out some scenes from the Spartans (Spartan people) who liked to fight and kill, and the Atheniens ( Athen people ) who were lovely and did lots of nice things. 5S did some brilliant acting, you couldn’t have seen better. Don’t worry if you missed it because the video is right bellow.  Their assembly was absolutely amazing. Also thank you to Mr Sidebottom and to Mrs Feather who organised the assembly and taught the children all about Ancient Greece.

Well Done!

By Elyse

The Blob by Jack year 5

Slowly meandering his way to the line Graham whispered to Jack,

“I don’t want to go!” As Mrs Merryman came to get children. She sent them in. Graham bolted in and barged passed Mr Brown knocking his papers on the floor.

“Excuse me boy get back here now!” He screamed Mr Brown tapping his toe on the ground.

“Uugghhff!!” Graham murmured under his breathe.

“Don’t give me that attitude young man!” waving one of his finger side to side. He continued,

“Pick these up now!” Graham said mocking him.

“Do you want 1 hour detention?” Mr Brown asked firmly.Graham mocked Mr Brown again.

” 2 hours?”

“What? NO!” Graham shouted like a lion roaring.

“3” Mr Brown asked.

” I’ll pick em up!” Graham murmured.

“Thank you !” Mr Brown cried.Graham finally got back to class after that terrible moment. When he got back, he read his learning objective.

“Lo: To be able to write what happened over the 6 week holiday” he whispered to himself. He wondered, where’s my book? Out of the corner of his green and blue eyes he saw a strange, mysterious red and shiny blob. Open on the side of the desk there lay his book.