Ingleborough Hall – Wednesday

Although the sun wasn’t out today, this did not stop us from continuing our fun activities in Clapham.

Group 1 enjoyed tree climbing with Mrs Hall this morning and gorge scrambling this afternoon with Mrs Ross. What a wonderful and enthusiastic group they were.
Group 2 took part in gorge scrambling with Mrs Cavalier-Lumley and Mrs Hudson this morning followed by a History learning walk around the village with Mrs Hall and Mrs Cavalier-Lumley.

Group 3 took the clockwise route on the long walk with Mrs Javed and Mr Cavalier-Lumley whist Mr Patterson and Mrs Horrocks took group 4 n the anticlockwise route.
Finally group 5 completed the village study with Mr Rhodes and Mrs Ross and spent the afternoon caving.
Each group continued to impress the adults they were working with.
In the evening, In the evening the children enjoyed activities such as Nightline, Batz and the tunnels and telescope. Those children who completed the night activities yesterday enjoyed a DVD.

Below are the pictures of the groups enjoying their activities.



Year 5 Greek Afternoon

On Tuesday 22nd May, Year 5 and their parents attended to the hall to try and make a replica of Ancient Greek pottery. To help us, we watched a video of a professional pottery artist (who was a great painter). Firstly, we grabbed hold of our clay and moulded the main part of the pot. Then, came the accessories of making the base and handles, to do it we had to make a snake of clay and attach it to the bottom of the pot. For the handles, we had to do a similar project and make smaller snakes for the handles and attach them to the pot! To keep them together we made are own glue called slip and how we made it was that was that we got a pinch of clay and mix it in water. Then we left them to dry to wash our hands. It was a great day and everyone involved loved it, thank you to all the parents who came along to take part!

By Alex and Daniel

5R Class Assembly

Today, 5R performed an astounding assembly that blew the brains out of heads and ears of all those that watched.They had a whale of a time. It included made up songs, phenominal dancing and more!

They began by retelling the story of the foolish man (that was their world book day story), who had an argument with his wife and left for a bit to even things out. On his travels, he met many peculiar people who all had problem. Some problems were pointless like trying to get a buffalo on top of a roof in order eat the weeds and grass. He helped to solve their problems by exchanging work for cash. Eventually, (after helping many people) he returned with lots of money. Having learnt about this, they wrote their own versions although they were about a foolish woman!

Then came a song, it was I got the feeling but fractions created by Hollie and Maya! This was because they had been learning them in class. They performed it fantastically and they got a huge round of applause. Soon after mentioning fractions, they did Indian dancing which they learnt during world book week! It was amazing and just as good as the people who do it.

By Alex

5R assembly from Blakehill School on Vimeo.

Dance competition 2018

On Saturday 29th,  Blakehill took part in a dance competition with the theme of coal mining. The team had the help from Mrs Pedley, Mrs Horrocks and many more adults to design the set, dance routine and encourage them on the day. Their scenery was hand made which won them BEST SCENERY and BEST THEME! Many children went from years 3,4,5 and 6. The National Coal Mining museum lent them overalls to wear so they look the part. Their dance was based on coal mining from Victorian times up to 2015 when the last coal mine in Britain closed- what a creative topic. Many schools took part but we had a very good dance and were very proud of all our children who took part.
By Alex

Year 5 trip to the National Coal Mining Museum

Year 5 on Friday went to the National Coal Mining Museum to learn the beginning of their topic of Coal Mining. It was a fantastic day full of lots of fun activities and facts about mining and how people in mining communities lived. We had a jam pack day with many activities such as: the underground mine tour,  a workshop with ‘Aunty Brenda’ who showed us where she lived and what her life at home was like as well as a workshop with Sally Fletcher, a young girl who began mining at the age of 5! Each activity was fun, exciting and enjoyable and had us amazed by how different life was then. As we looked around the museum we saw horses and lockers of the old miners. When we left we all had dirty faces.

by Alex

Year 4 Nell Bank Residential

Fantastic, thought Mr Lowe as the bus pulled up just in time. Today, Mr Lowe’s favourite days of the year was finally here, Year 4 were about to take a step into the interesting wild; where butterfly fluttered and mint green plants sprouted to the mask. Loading on the bus ,like their bags, they waved and smiled to their loving parents.After a short time,’SCREECH’ went  the bus, they had arrived!

Already nervous, they met Ruth and Mel, who were extremely nice to then they quickly went  through the rules so they could get to the fun! Once they had dropped their bags off at the cosy dorms, they went off to do a fire drill with the leaders. Finally prepared for their stay ahead, they split off into groups and went to the ponds to do pond dipping and down to the fields to do an interesting mini beast hunt! Hungry and tired out after their eventful day, they still found some energy in them and went off to play on the Adventure area before tea.

After tea, they went back on the play area and even got to have a game of cricket on the field. Worn out and feeling cold and fulfilled, everybody went to sip on a hot chocolate before bed. “mmm” Unfortunately, the first night was a little rocky sleep wise as their minds were full of thoughts of the next day.

After breakfast, everyone got ready for the moor walk. From Nell Bank up to Ilkley Moor, they explored the countryside to the Cow and calf and then back up to Nell Bank. It was 7 and a half miles in total! Wow! They’re definitely ready for Ingelbrough Hall, where they walk 9 miles! They had lunch up on the moor – Madinah’s sandwich was stolen by a dog! When they had returned and had a rest, they did the habitat trail around the site. The adventure play and water play was taken over by the crowds of children! Alas, it was time for tea and a shower before cosy bedtime – they all went to sleep much quieter this time from the tiring walk!

The last day! Everybody packed their cases and left the dorms neatly before breakfast. Afterwards, they did orienteering and exciting den building! (Mr Lowe’s group built the best!) This was when they waved goodbye and hopped back on the coach on their way back to school. Everybody had a lot of fun and learned a lot of new skills. When they were back at school, they were very excited to see their parents and trundled home to their warm beds and back to normal routine!

Mckensey and Emily Mae

Junior Dance Competition 2017

Tomorrow (January 28th) Years 1-6 children (22) are going to the Junior Dance Competition.There are two boys and twenty girls!  They decided to do the great theme of Roald Dahl to celebrate his 100 birthday! Happy birthday! It is being hosted at the Buttershaw Business And Enterprise College. The dances are each 5 minutes long and choreographed by Mrs Russell, Mrs Horrocks and Mrs Pedley. Special thanks to Mrs Horrocks and Mrs Pedley for sewing the costumes! There are five different types of dance including tap,ballet,line dancing,street dance and free style. The songs are based from Fantastic Mr Fox, Matilda, The BFG, James and the giant peach, Charlie and the chocolate factory.

We wish you lots of luck dance troops! Mrs Russell will keep you posted for the results tomorrow afternoon. Keep in touch on our twitter page and wish them luck as the prize is £200! THe link for our Twitter page is below. They will be there from 10am – 5pm so its a long day! Remember to keep in touch and wish them all the luck.

By Mckensey and Emily Mae 😀 and 😉


Year 6 food technology

Today Year 6 have made some cheese and ham toasties with Mrs Pedley and Mrs Horrocks.  First they buttered their bread. Next they put the cheese and or ham in their bread before putting their sandwich in a toastie bag. Then they go in an toaster. These are some safety tips.

  • Don’t burn your self!
  • Don’t cut yourself.
  • Don’t put a knife in the toaster while electric is on.

Then they look like this in 5 minuets.

By Joseph IMG_2496IMG_2497         

Year 6 Cooking Club

On a Friday afternoon, Year 6 go to the staff room every week to make food and sometimes they make drinks. Mrs Pedley and Mrs Horrocks take their time out to help the Year 6 students learn how to cook and make their really nice snacks. After we have made our food, we would fill out a work sheet which have a box to put what ingredients, a safety box to write notes about how to be safe while we work. At the end of the year we will get all our work sheets back like a little cook book! We have made lots of different things over the weeks: today we made some toasties, before we have made smoothies, tea or coffee and some other times we made quesadilla.  When we made tea and coffee we even got to eat a biscuit! So far we have had so much fun and we think this is one of the best lessons!

By Joseph