Year 2 trip to the Yorkshire wildlife park

This week, year 2 have made a massive trip all the way to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. They left at half past eight and they spent all day there and came back at quarter to four.

When they they arrived, every child was very excited to explore and see what the park had installed. They started by walking around the whole park and seeing every animal that they could possibly see. The animal that the children loved the most were the polar bears ind their cold and icy habitat.

After lunch, they had a workshop where they found out about different animals and were showed and handled real animals like a giant snail called big G, a cockroach and a real snake. At the end of the day every single child had a great day and thought that it was a brilliant trip.

By Daniel. Last blog of the year very sad :(.

2P’s class assembly

Today, Mrs Pinder’s class performed the most amazing assembly based on the story The Day The Crayons Quit.

First, Duncan received lots of letters from his colouring crayons. All of the crayons read their letters out loud to us and everyone had a little giggle when peach crayon had her cheeky speech which said, ”Duncan, why did you take my wrapping off ? Now I’m too embarrassed to come out of the crayola box because I’m naked and I don’t have any underwear!”

They went on to act out the rest of the story before finishing off by singing happy, by Farrell, and every colour under the sky. Their singing was so joyful that a lot of people sang along to the lyrics.

Everyone really enjoyed it and would love to see the assembly again!

By Mollie

2P school trip to Eccleshill Cenotaph

This Monday,  Year 2 have had an exciting trip to Eccleshill Cenotaph to remember the soldiers who sacrificed their own lives for the protection of Great Britain. When they arrived after a long walk, everyone was bursting to catch their breath. The first thing they did was started another walk around the whole places to see what was there.

This trip was based upon their work for the Armsitice about the terrible  and tragic World War 1. They walked the tall, stone cenotaph and when they had placed their homemade  wreath on it, they had a go at drawing the large cenotaph. After they stood up in a large square so they could all join in and they lowered their head and said a prayer. Next they had 2 minutes silence to remember The Great War and what happened. The other class had a great search for names that they recognised. Florence had found the name of her Great Granddad who had sadly died in the war! The children had loved the topic and really enjoyed their visit. When it was time to go the classes couldn’t wait to go home and tell their parents all about it .

by Daniel

KS1 Bedtime Stories

On Thursday evening, KS1 came after school to take part in their Bedtime Stories event, which was held in the hall. They were very excited and were all dressed cosily in their pyjamas, slippers and dressing gowns along with a cute cuddly toy each. Not only that, but each child came with their favourite books, to read and to share with their friends and read to their parents, who loved seeing how much progress their child had made.

Snuggling with their teddy bears, KS1 watched a clip of Julia Donaldson, who is their class author, reading Stick Man and absolutely loved it. Talking all about the clip, the children listened to Mrs Pinder reading one of the children’s favourite book, which was really fun and they all enjoyed. Looking forward to their hot chocolate, every child read to their parents, who were really proud of their child’s reading skills and how they had come on throughout the year, and also encouraged them all to read at home more.

Sipping their hot chocolate, everybody watched Can’t You Sleep Little Bear? and licked their lips, which were covered in a hot chocolate moustache! KS1 absolutely loved it and wished the night would never end!

By Mckensey and Emily Mae

1P Class Assembly

This afternoon, 1P showed off their fantastic knowledge of the United Kingdom to the rest of the school. This week, they have been finding out the details of all the different places around the UK such as England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island and the landmarks in those areas. The class took us on a guided tour, firstly stopping off in London, the capital city of England, and told us some information about Buckingham Palace such as the place has 775 rooms and 78 bathrooms! Crazy! Who needs that many bathrooms? We also learned that the Houses of Parliament is also called the Palace of Westminster and it is the place where laws are passed and the government meets. The clock tower, which is also in London, is sometimes known as Big Ben, but actually that’s the name of the bell inside! They showed us pictures of some other landmarks in England, although they are not all in London, such as Stonehenge and the Angel of the North.

The next thing they told us about was St George, who is the patron of Saint of England – he was a brave soldier who lived many years ago. St George’s day is celebrated on the 23rd of April. The english flag is also known as St George’s cross.

Our next destination was Scotland and its capital city is Edinburgh. We learnt that Scotland has the tallest mountain in the United Kingdom and its name is Ben Nevis! Scotland is also famous for the Loch Ness – it is a deep loch in the Scottish Highlands and is famous for sightings of the Loch Ness monster! Not only this, but the children told us about St Andrew, who is the patron saint of Scotland and told us that the thistle is the Scottish symbol! The children performed a fantastic traditional Scottish folk dance, showing off some of the moves they had enjoyed learning.

Moving on to Wales, the class told us facts about the city, learning that Cardiff was the capital city and is close to the Millennium Stadium, which hosts lots of events such as sports matches and music concerts. Wales is famous for its beautiful valleys and mountains, home to Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales.

The last stop was Northern Ireland where the school were shown how Ireland is split into two countries: Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland. Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom but it makes its own laws and its capital is Belfast. The most interesting fact about Ireland was that the Titanic was built there! It is one of the most famous ships in the world and sank on its maiden voyage in 1912. St Patrick is the patron saint of Northern Island and its symbol is the shamrock.

After an amazing tour of the United Kingdom, the school were exhausted, weighted down by all the fantastic facts that had been fired at them! 1P have had a great time learning about the United Kingdom and are exhausted with all the learning they have been doing!

Reception and Year 1 & 2 Christmas Production

On Monday and Tuesday, Reception and Year 1 & 2 finally revealed their Christmas Production to the whole school after months of practising and perfecting their performance! Reception’s nativity ( A King Is Born) was a upbeat, fun story all about a mummy, daddy, grandma and grandad who were telling the Christmas story to their four children on Christmas Eve. They spoke confidently and clearly to their audience, and enjoyed it as they were performing – they sang four different songs with fantastically loud and brave voices starting with It’s Christmas Eve! Dancing to the upbeat music, Reception remembered all of their lines and a special well done to the four main characters the mummy, daddy and grandma and grandad! To finish it off, the children carried on to sing three more songs, Over 2000 years ago, The Three Kings and Glory Glory. Well done Reception class!

Moving over to KS1, their wonderful performance began with the title Hey Ewe! And yes it does say ewe, which is a sheep! After months of practicing with Mrs Scott (the kind producer and teacher) they finally perfected it and showed us how it went. Of all the sheep in the flock, the smallest, youngest ewe was the most inquisitive and curious and was always busy making trouble under the shepherds feet. She was always asking silly questions and to the annoyance of the rest of the flock, she never stopped talking! The little sheep always had to know what was going on! However, one night, while all the other sheep were sleeping, that little ewe wouldn’t rest and knew something was different in the air.

Throughout the production, KS1 re-enacted the story of Christmas and the baby sheep’s reaction to baby Jesus and the angels news. With comedy and humour, the actress for the curious ewe was fantastic in learning her lines and acting it out perfectly through the rest of the performance. KS1 also sang a number of upbeat, happy songs which were: Hustle Bustle, Something’s Going On, How Much Further to Bethlehem?, Calypso Kings, Hey Ewe!, Gospel Angels and A King Is Born!

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, the children from KS1 and Reception performed twice to a hall packed full of their parents, they must be shattered now but they did a fantastic job.
The children really enjoyed learning their lines and perfecting and performing their production. Check out their nativity productions below and leave a comment.

By Mckensey

Yr1 visit Rodley Nature Reserve

This week Year 1 went on a trip to Rodley Nature reserve. 1P went on Tuesday and 1W went on Thursday and from speaking to the children it sounds like they had a brilliant time! After a short coach ride they arrived at the Nature Reserve and walked around the entire place looking for items to add to sticky boards. These items included leaves, flowers, feathers and empty snail shells. After an exciting morning they had their lunch before starting their exciting afternoon activities! They had the chance to go pond dipping, mini-beast hunting and learning all about bees. Did you know that a honey bee only produces half a medicine spoon of honey in its lifetime? That’s why it is so important to take care of our bees! After this it was time to return to school before the end of the day. Theo from 1W said “It was the best trip ever!”
Have a look at the pictures below to see for yourself.

Year 1’s amazing trip to Skipton Castle

Scorching sun poured through the clear window casting shadows on the cream wall, Year 1 were already at school!  Packing into the small, tight and full bus they set off for a huge adventure to a ancient castle. Ready for what came their way a rose-red smile spreed across every face.HOLT! They came to a stop after miles of boring travelling they had finally arrived for a fantastic day out. Are you wondering why they were at Skipton Castle? Its easy, they have been learning all about knights!

They all had a fantastic morning tour around the castle. They are such lucky people going on a wonderful trip like this they even got to see this massive fire which is how they cooked food and a very important tree left standing for more than 300 years! Yes you did read correctly – 300 years. They learnt lots and lots of new thing whilst on their trip.

Like hungry beasts they clambered to the dinner hall, ready to take bites out of their sandwiches. After lunch, they did some great drawings of different things they saw around the castle grounds and the castle itself, we have some brilliant artists in this year and I am excited to get a glimpse of the art! After all this fun packed adventure all they could think about was sleeping. Exhausted, they got on the purple and white bus once more before they were home. Blake was so tired he could not help drifting off. They had a lovely time and are already looking forward to the next adventure.

By Emily Mae

1P Assembly

Today, we watched 1P’s class assembly. They acted the myth of George and the Dragon! In their assembly, they told us how the dragon ate one of the ladies every day! At one point, there was only the king’s daughter left! If there was no-one brave enough to slay this beast then the king’ s daughter would be killed! So when an old man told George, a Roman Solider, this, he was determined to save the king’s daughter. He found the dragon and speared him in one of the parts where there were no scales! He slayed him and saved the the king’s daughter! They also spoke about their trip to Skipton Castle and showed a power-point of some of the fantastic photos that were taken. It was a great assembly performed by some fantastic actors and actresses!
By Adam