Year 3 trip to Leeds Museum

On the 28th of February, (yesterday) Year 3 travelled to Leeds Museum to learn all about the Ancient Egyptians. When they arrived, a kind lady greeted them and led them to a room to hang up their coats. After that, they split in to 3 groups of 10 that were used later in the day.

First,3R went into a room and sat down at three tables and talked about the Ancient Egyptians. Some of the people even got up and pretended to make someone into a mummy. Whilst they were doing that, 3Ro were upstairs looking at some of the Ancient Egyptian artefacts and a real mummy. It was really interesting!

They explore the exhibits searching for all the things that Ancient Egyptians were buried with such as jewellery, amulets and even fake feet and hands! They saw a mummy lying in its tomb and then had a go at mummifying a puppet themselves! They pulled out organs, rubbed it with oil and wrapped it in bandages.

What a great trip!


Year 1 Industrial Museum Trip

This week, Year 1 went on a trip to the Industrial Museum to look at the history of Jowett  and how they lived in those days. The week before, they had gone on a walk around Idle looking at the signs that were left from when the Jowett cars were once there and the factory (Morrisons!). They found street names and different things left around the area and loved it. Once they got to the museum, they took a look at the ancient cars that had different names like the Kingfisher, the Javelin, Jupiter and Kestrel. 1W had a fantastic tour all around the machinary that was used to run the factory and make the cloth from the wool. Not only this, but while they were in that section, they did some fabulous sketching of the cars and the trains that were there and had a lot of fun doing that.

Moving on to outside of the museum, the groups all went to houses that were set up for people to go in and have a look at what the living space would have looked like with no electricity and wifi! The children compared the houses from the past to the houses in the present day and found alot of major differences. After, they had a washday workshop which meant they had to help the women wash the clothes in the dolly tub (like the sink) and found out that it was very hard work.

The classes much preferred how things worked today and could not even image how hard it would have been to work like that everyday! Overall, they really enjoyed it and learned a lot of facts!

By Mckensey

Year 3 York Museum

On Wednesday 22nd June Year 3 went to the Yorkshire museum in York to learn about Prehistoric Britain. They learnt all sorts about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. Did you know the Stone Age is so long it is split into 3 parts, the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic.They took part in a workshop were they learnt loads and even got a chance to hold some artefacts over 10000 years old! They had a go at weaving, cave drawing, making a shelter, making pottery,making a coin and even performed a hunting ceremony. They had a great time!

By Tom