Rock Steady Music Club

On Thursday, Michael who works at rock steady, came in to school and did an interesting workshop. Michael taught some of us who paid for lessons. We were in a small band and all go the chance to play different instruments.

We played the drums, guitar, keyboard and some people were vocalists.

All of the people who did this found it a fun, musical experience and loved the experience. We cannot wait until we can see the rock assembly.

By Ruby, Leah and Florence

Woodwind musical assembly

Yesterday, Cobalt Brass, a woodwind band, came in to show us what they could do all the way from Manchester.

At first, they played some tunes and we had to guess what the song was. After that, they introduced themselves and their instruments as each one of them went into center stage. They taught us what their instruments can do and the different parts which make it up.

Then we played a game with Farmer Joe and had to guess the which animal he was making the sound of. Since we guessed them all right, we got one last song which was fantastic.

We all loved them coming in and it was a lovely and interesting assembly.

By Mollie and Freya

3R class assembly

This afternoon, 3R did an assembly about the present life and Stone Age life and how different the lives were.

At the beginning, they all talked about the Iron Age, Bronze Age and Stone Age. Bravely, some of the children stood up and acted out being prehistoric humans and present day people. We learnt that stone age people didn’t know what metal was and they didn’t know what a smartphone was because they didn’t have that kind off stuff back then. They all showed us their amazing art work and stone necklaces. They signed us out by singing We Will Rock You but the caveman edition! They did a brilliant assembly and we enjoyed learning loads of facts about cavemen!

By Cora K

Drumming concert

On the 28th of March, some brave pupils performed in-front of the whole school some amazing drumming. They have been having lessons for 20 minutes in the previous weeks leading into this day.

Starting the assembly off, Mrs Scott introduced the assembly and what they would be doing throughout. It started with Elana (who is in 4h) and Amber playing a warm up solo which was followed by some brave Year 2 children who performed the backing track from a song by Taylor swift. After that Elijah, played a solo with the two teachers. Other children from across school also performed which was equally fantastic.

The lady in charge explained frequently the benefits of drumming and how they can link to the classroom. One of them was that drumming improves concentration as you have to focus on what you are doing and ignore distractions. At the end of the assembly, everyone clapped loudly as they all greatly enjoyed it.

Thankfully, we learnt that the drumming sessions are going to continue after the holidays and everybody is hoping they are the next child to get a go!

By Mia and Cora

Woodwind Assembly

This week, on Tuesday 12th of March, a band from the Bradford music service paid a visit to Blakehill. Everyone slowly walked down to the hall where they found the band standing at the top of the hall. Instead of being one of those bands with drums and guitars, they were each equipped with different types of instruments that used lung power.  The band was made up of four people each from the same place.

They introduced them selves and their instruments and they got straight into it with their first song and asked the children to guess what it was. The answer was Despacito and they then told them that they would play some more songs and everyone would have to guess what they are. They played ‘ How Far I’ll Go ‘ and    ‘You’re Welcome’ from the film Moana. They also played Swan Lake, the ballet song because on of the instruments was inspired by the duck swan. The last song was ‘Bear-necessities’  from the film Jungle Book.

Every one enjoyed their visit and especially enjoyed trying to guess the song that was being played. At the end as everyone was leaving, they played some soft relaxing music and the year six were wanting them to play Despacito again.

By Daniel and Mollie

Weekly Drumming!

Starting this week, some lucky children throughout  the school have been chosen to join a  drumming club on a Thursday afternoon. People from KS2 ( in groups of 3) have a fun 20 minute session where they can learn how to play one of the loudest percussion instruments- the drums.

Once a week, the lucky children will have have an amazing session and learn how to rock on the drums. All of this will lead up to a spectacular performance in front the whole school in 10 weeks time.

The children all agree that its an amazing opportunity that provides lots of fun and that they are all excited for the big performance in front of the whole school. This is just another thing to look forward to in the busy school week.

We cannot wait to see the performance and can only hope others get a go after.

By Libby G ,Cora and Aminah

Indian Dancing And Drumming Lesson!

This week, in celebration of World Book Day (which was last Friday), Blakehill had some fantastic visitors in school, who taught the school how to do Indian dancing and music. In classes, everybody did some Indian music with a man, and did some drumming and dancing. We learnt that on the left side of the drum it was made of goat skin and the right side was made from plastic. Some drums could be played with your hands but most were played with a hooked stick and a long stick made out of bamboo. He taught us how to play the drums and to play to a similar rhythm as the Indians would. With some time to spare, we also got taught how to do a few moves of Indian dancing such as: screw the lightbulbs,  raise the roof, multi-tasking, put the apple in its basket and wipe and swipe.

Further on in the week, we had another visitor named Kash, a lovely woman who taught us alot on the background of the Sikh religion and how to do proper Indian dancing. We learnt all about the 10 gurus and the Guru Granth Sahib, where the gurus wrote their words of teaching and respect. Kash told us all about the 5 k’s and the aim of the Sikhs religion which was to bring peace, love and respect to everybody and to always be honest. Afterwards, she put on some groovy songs (one of them was called Jai Ho) and stood at the front while we all copied her fantastic dance moves.

The school really enjoyed the visits from Kash and the drum man and loved learning about the Indian culture, and how to dance and play the music like them!

By Mckensey and Pasha



6R’s Class Assembly

Today, 6R performed their class assembly about Vikings, where we learnt about what they had got up to over the last couple of weeks. After a little bit of speaking, they sang a song called He-Ho with some actions that Mrs Russell had been teaching them. It was very interesting and the audience loved it!

Next up a group of people, Amelia, Spencer and Kyle, spoke and we all learnt something new about the Vikings. Did you know they didn’t have horns on helmets? Who’d have thought it! They sang yet another song and 2 people came in with a Viking long boat!
Some of the vikings raided England and not many people got along, this caused many wars and there was three main battle. 6R showed this war by having  people fighting. The kings were often fighting and King George the Viking leader won. He did this by surrounding them and starving them until the other king gave in and they split the land.

Songs were sang at the end of the assembly and everyone clapped. It sure was an assembly to remember it was brilliant!

By Pasha and Emily Mae.

6R Assembly from Blakehill School on Vimeo.

2018 Young Voices

Songs playing through our heads from the Young Voices sheet, we jumped off the bus ready to sing. After an adventures few months of hard work and practice, we headed into Sheffield Arena.Once we had found our seats, we ate our lunch with excitement glowing within us. Starting rehearsals (which took forever)with the young voices choir,was very fun! We met some famous people called Natalie Williams , Magnet and Alfie . Magnet were a group of people who made crazy noises with their mouths, beat boxers! Natalie was a great, confident and powerful singer and Alfie was spotted on a video that when viral he was fabulous.

Exhausted,after the long rehearsals we ate our tea before our parents and guests started to arrive and then in no time at all the concert began. Roaring crowds sat below us, all exited to see their children sing their hearts out. Dancing and singing all night long,was great it fulled us with joy and passion. Fancy lights flashed across us in all different colours: red, blue, pink and yellow. It was so fun to sing with different schools from all over Yorkshire.

Finishing our wonderful night, we clambered on the coach home. At around 10:30 we pulled up back at school. It was a very eventful night and we had all had a fantastic time.

By Pasha and Emily Mae

Young Voices 2018 from Blakehill School on Vimeo.


Choir sing at Bradford University Graduation

After months of hard work, Blakehill Choir (the greatest singers of all time) had their next appearance at Bradford University. For around four years, Blakehill Choir have been invited to sing at Bradford University Winter Graduation. Wowing the crowd with their angelic voices, they preformed on a stage singing: we three kings, infant holy, go tell it on the mountain and lots more.

However, we three king was sang by three soloists Macey, Leah and Myself (Emily). We sang through all of the songs twice. Half way through we go provided with snacks, which were delicious, I could have eaten it all again! We had a fantastic time and we can not wait to go back in Summer.

By Emily Mae