4J’s Class Assembly

This afternoon, 4J performed a brilliant assembly for the rest of Blakehill, all about World War II. They had been reading a book in their English lessons called Friend or Foe, which is all about two boys who are evacuated to Devon and find two German soldiers, that have crashed from their plane! Using this book, the children have managed to produce multiple pieces of fantastic work such as a diary entry of David (a character in the book), a setting description of the streets that had been bombed and destroyed by the Germans and decision wheels, thinking about what would happen next in the chapter and story.

In topic, the class listened to Neville Chamberlain’s declaration of the war and then wrote from a person who was listening’s point of view. This week, they have learnt a song called “When you’re a kid in World War II” which was very catchy and had a fun rhythm, and sung it to us as they danced around!

This topic was really fun to learn all about and year 4 enjoyed reading the book and looking into the past of the war!

By Mckensey


Mr Fraud’s Music Assembly

On Tuesday, Mr Fraud came to Blakehill and did an assembly for the school that  was all about music. There was a song that was all about Jesus’s love to us and how it will never end. He also told us all about his first time going to see the place that he has soft spot for, Manchester United! He went to Old Trafford (their football stadium) where he watched ALL of a match! He told us about how he was told to go to the train station all by himself where he met his Uncle Tony to go get on a bus to go to Manchester. He also played us two songs about Jesus and his love to make us feel thankful for what he does for us and how important he is for us.

Young Voices 2017

On Wednesday this week some very lucky children from Blakehill got the chance to take part in one of the biggest choirs in the world! The Choir was made up of over 5000 children and their teachers! These children were extremely lucky and although it took lots and lots of practise it was all worth it thousands of people came to watch it was amazing!

We have spent months practising and it really paid off. As this day began we ate in extra club we rapidly got changed for the day. As soon as the coach pulled up we jumped on for a long ride to Sheffield Arena. Finally, we got there and started and started our rehearsal. We got seated and sang along with all the other children and school in the practise. Singing our hearts out, we slurped our drinks and got ready for the big show. In no time the main show was upon us and members of our family started to arrive.

Bright, hot and shining lights shone in our faces as the show began. The music blasted out and we began to sing. Before the show started, we were introduce to our guest stars that included The Beat-box Collective and Natalie Williams. The songs we sang were mostly medleys but some weren’t, like Birdhouse in your soul. The medleys were called Five Guys named Moe, For those about to rock again and Pop Medley. The consort ended about 9:30. We were all tired as could be. We arrived back at school just before 11 o’clock at night! The next day we did not want to get out of bed but we had such a great time that is was all worth while!

Have a look at some of the pictures and short videos from our fantastic time at Young Voices 2017 and leave a comment.

By Emily Mae and Alex

Do you want to learn how to play an instrument?

Today Blakehill had a visit from Bradford Musical Arts Service – our second visit this year from these really talented people! Today they did something different and it gave us all a  SURPRISE! They played some incredible instruments; a plastic trombone called a p-Bone, cornet, Tuba, Guitar, Key board and a Ukulele. We were also introduced to the piccolo, flute, saxophone and the relaxing violin!

Did you know the small instruments are higher where as the more immense, larger instruments are lower?

If you fancy learning an instrument get an application form from our office!

Don’t worry the sessions only cost as much as gymnastics, football , karate and so on.

The people there hope to see you soon !

One day you could become the next PRINCE !

By Macie


Mr Froud

On Tuesday afternoon the whole school had a nice surprise – Mr Froud came and sang some songs. The whole school loved him and clapped along at some of the songs and even joined in at the actions. All of the reception children loved him because they laughed along with everyone and to be honest they all laughed the most! Every teacher who was there clapped along and had good fun too. Also the teachers adored the younger ones laughing.Thank you Mr Froud we look forward to seeing Mr Froud again.


By Ruby and Emily



Mrs Marsden reporting on Blakehill at Young Voices

After many a Friday lunchtime YV practice sessions, the time had finally arrived for forty children across KS2, plus enthusiastic members of staff, to head off down the M1 to Sheffield. Armed with plastic carrier bags filled to the brim with teatime goodies and enough water to sink a battleship, not forgetting our trusty school banner, we headed off to join a 5000 strong school choir at Sheffield Arena on a cold, damp winters day. A last minute sing-a-long to our well used YV CD seemed a good idea at the time but I’m not too sure the Dewhirst bus driver shared our thoughts as he hastily switched it off as we entered the Arena car park!
We arrived by 1pm and like intrepid explorers Mrs Bedell and myself led from the front to find our seats with forty excited children and staff following behind. Inside, the arena was overwhelming compared to the safety of our practice session classroom. However nothing fazes our children who were soon busily chatting to the surrounding children from other Yorkshire schools. A rather long 2 hour rehearsal passed, followed by teatime with numerous visits to the toilet. Perhaps it was the nerves? Perhaps it was the drinks? Who knows, but as 7pm arrived toilet stops were stopped.
Parents started to swarm like ants into the auditorium below, searching for their seats and their children. Our school banner hung triumphantly from a nearby railing hoping to give parents a clue to where we were. Then the moment we had waited for was only minutes away. The lights dimmed. The suspense built. Suddenly YV 2016 burst into action! A sea of white T-shirts jumped out of their seats in unison to loudly sing ‘Transport of Delight’ Our previously sombre looking children, who had sat through the rehearsal looking a little fed up suddenly transformed into happy, smiling children buzzing with energy and pride. We sang our hearts out and danced our legs tired from 7 till 9 to our very own favourites ‘Pop Medley’ and ‘Lightning Tree’ plus lots, lots more. We challenged parents to ‘Funk It Up’ and’ Mexican Waved’ to our hearts content. We simply had a blast!
All too soon it was over for another year. Tired and exhausted we made our weary way back to the coach for one last head count before setting off back up the M1 for home! A long day, a late night, but Blakehill YV 2016 you did us proud! You were fantastic and represented our school magnificently!

Thank you for all your hard work and we hope to see some of you next year.

Mrs Marsden & Mrs Bedell
Young Voices Co-ordinators


Young Voices

On Wednesday 20th, a lot of children from all over the country went to young voices. It was a great atmosphere and a wonderful experience .The choir were fabulous and all of the parents loved it and went wild. Every body loved the concert and we even got to meet special guests.The crowd got involved and were made to dance and  do the wave. On the way back, every body was very sleepy and the next day every body was talking about it.

By Emily Mae

Young Voices 2016 on PhotoPeach

Blakehill at Young Voices

On Wednesday 20th January 2016 the Young Voices choir went to Sheffield Arena to take part in the Young Voices concert. People from all over the UK went and there was a turn out of over 5000 people. They sang many songs including hold my hand and blame it on me. Everyone enjoyed it and wished they could go again. There were many famous guests including Laura Wright who sang at the opening ceremony of the Ruby World cup. There was an amazing dance group called Urban Strides. It went on for about 9 hours but the actual concert only went on for 3 hours.

by Max and Tom

Immanuel Choir At Blakehill

Today we had a special assembly even though it was a Friday morning. Everyone listened to Immanuel sing at out school. Before you ask it wasn’t the whole of the Immanuel pupils it was just  vocalise. Vocalise is the Immanuel choir for the Year Sevens and Eights. They sung beautifully on the stage. The people who had a solo sang wonderfully and they had a lot of courage to stand up in front of everyone and sing all by themselves. I hope you enjoyed them coming in and singing because I know I did!

Well Done to the Immanuel choir!

By Elyse