New Teachers

On Wednesday, all the pupils in school met their brand new teachers!

Reception got either Mrs Wardell or Miss Gardener. Year 1 discovered it would be either Mrs Scott or Mrs Pinder. Year 2 got Mr Rhodes or Mrs Roberts. Year 3 got Mr Hodges or Miss Philips. Year 4 got Mrs Hall until Miss Javed comes back or Miss Lancaster. Year 5 got Mr Sidebottom until Miss Russell comes back or Mrs Gould.

On the same day, Year 6 went to their secondary schools. They spent a whole day there while we spent 45 minutes talking about: what we do, what we’re excited about and some classes also did some activities to get ready for next year.

We’re all looking forward to starting with our brand new teachers next year.

By Mollie and Mia

New Classes and Teachers for next year!

On Wednesday this week twe found out who our teachers will be for next year.
Pupils will be moving to the following classes in September:
RD (Miss Dickinson) will move to 1W (Mrs Wardell)
RG (Miss Gardner) will move to 1P (Mrs Pinder)
1W (Mrs Wardell) will move to 2P (Miss Philip)
1P (Mrs Pinder) will move to 2S (Mrs Scott)
2S (Mrs Scott) will move to 3H (Mr Hodges)
2P (Miss Philip) will move to 3R (Mrs Rashid)
3P (Miss Palframan) will move to 4L (Mr Lowe)
3R (Mrs Rashid) will move to 4J (Miss Javed)
4Lo (Mr Lowe) will move to 5L (Miss Lea)
4G (Mrs Gould) will move to 5R (Mr Rhodes)
5H (Mrs Hall) will move to 6R (Mrs Russell)
5R (Mrs Russell) will move to 6G (Mrs Gould)

Mrs Hall will be teaching in Year 6 next year, Mr Harding will provide additional teaching in Year 5 and Miss Palframan will be teaching in Years 3 and 4.

By Alex

Welcome back!

Welcome back every one! We hope you have all had a wonderful time off for the 6 week holidays! We have all had a great first week back settling into our new classrooms, getting to know our new teachers and finding out what we have all been up to. Also, we had an amazing performance of Alice in Wonderland (see Emily’s blog to learn more).
We have been finding out about what we will be learning this year and getting our brains warmed up with some really interesting lessons such as learning about Roald Dahl books for his birthday. There are still lots of things lined up for this year which we can’t wait to do! We are all very happy with our teachers and are looking forwards to spending the year with them. Good luck for this year everyone!