At Blakehill ,we believe that it is important that all pupils get the chance to take part in sports in and out of school hours. In our school every year-group, throughout the school year, there will be an opportunity for children to take part in coaching sessions. Key-stage 2 has a fantastic teacher named Miss Dobson, she is by far one off the best PE teachers we have ever had! We have had her for around a year. This is some of the things that we do with her:

Year six, the top off our school ,who are amazing, do Frisbee and Dance.

Year 5 , who are very good, do OAA for indoor they do badminton and dodge-ball inside.

In Years 2 and 3 they currently have professional Bradford Bulls to teach them tag rugby.

So what do you think? Would you like to do any of these things if so please comment down below.

By Emily Mae

Health Week!

This week, it was National Health Week the aim is to try to show children how to live a healthy lifestyle all through out their life. Every day, we have done the daily mile, which can be done by walking or running. Everyone really challenged themselves and pushed their workout to the limit! As it has worked out so well, we have decided as a school to do this every day from now on! And already we are all really enthusiastic about taking on this challenged. Today, as a special surprise, we got the School Cook Off Show involved and we had a cook off in the hall, where pupils and teachers had a competition to see who could make the nicest healthiest meal. The meals that where cooked were curry and stir-fry and both tasted fantastic according to the pupils chosen to taste them.
Throughout the week personal trainers have been working with different year groups by running boot camps! Exhausted, the children worked and worked until their faces would get away with being a cherry! Everybody impressed their teachers with their perseverance, nobody gave up. Even parents have had the chance to get involved this week by coming to special pupil and parent sports clubs after school like cricket, aerobics and another boot camp. I think, after this busy week, every one will sleep until Monday!

Well that was our health week, we have all had a wonderful time and we have been influenced to be healthy and hope you have been too. We can’t wait to do it again.

By Emily Mae

Sports Day

This week, Blakehill held our annual Sports Day! Unfortunately, the day we originally planned to do it on was rainy and so it has been held across this week, fitting in also to Health Week! The four houses go head to head (Jupiter,Javelin,Kingfisher and Kestrel). Each class went around the activities spread around the racing track and after each one they added up the scores as they went. The first activity was the Skipping race, where you had to run up the track, skipping! It was quite tricky but alot of fun! After, we walked across to the egg and spoon race, where we had to balance an egg (plastic, thankfully!) on a small spoon and try and carry it to our cone. This one was funny, as we stumbled when the egg fell off and it was hard to get back on! We then headed to the welly-boot race in which you had to race in over-sized welly boots! It was so funny, as the boots never fitted (unless you were lucky!) and were always falling off your feet! The obstacle course was just as much fun, where we had to step through the sprint ladder, go through two hoops, jump over a hurdle, grab a beanbag, go across the stepping stones and throw your bean bag into the hoop and all the way back again! It was tricky and confusing when you got past the hurdle but everyone managed and put so much effort into helping support their team!

Once all of the activities were finished, everybody headed to sit down in the middle around the score board, ready to watch the relay race for Years 5 and 6. The girls went first, each team having four people amongst them. Everyone ran a 100 metre lap and when they reached the finish, they passed the baton to the other racer on their team. The same rule applies for the boys, who went next.

When the race had finished, everybody was very tired and went back to the middle to find out the final results! All in all, everybody had a very fun, exciting time and look forward to next years Annual Sports Day! Who will win?

By Mckensey

4L Assembly!

Today, 4L did their class assembly all about their residential to Nell Bank, located on the outskirts of Ilkley Moor. Whilst they were there, they did certain activities including: Den Building – which they had to sell to their team leaders;orienteering(to help them with their P.E skills);a Mini-beast Hunt (which they did in an enclosed space of woodland); pond-dipping, which was in a outdoor mini-pool; and a long walk – where they saw a forest landscape!

Also, they did a skit of Countryfile,( which means that they did a copy of it), the assembly was very good and they deserved a BIG round of applause!

By Adam and Emily.


Year 4 Nell Bank Residential

Fantastic, thought Mr Lowe as the bus pulled up just in time. Today, Mr Lowe’s favourite days of the year was finally here, Year 4 were about to take a step into the interesting wild; where butterfly fluttered and mint green plants sprouted to the mask. Loading on the bus ,like their bags, they waved and smiled to their loving parents.After a short time,’SCREECH’ went  the bus, they had arrived!

Already nervous, they met Ruth and Mel, who were extremely nice to then they quickly went  through the rules so they could get to the fun! Once they had dropped their bags off at the cosy dorms, they went off to do a fire drill with the leaders. Finally prepared for their stay ahead, they split off into groups and went to the ponds to do pond dipping and down to the fields to do an interesting mini beast hunt! Hungry and tired out after their eventful day, they still found some energy in them and went off to play on the Adventure area before tea.

After tea, they went back on the play area and even got to have a game of cricket on the field. Worn out and feeling cold and fulfilled, everybody went to sip on a hot chocolate before bed. “mmm” Unfortunately, the first night was a little rocky sleep wise as their minds were full of thoughts of the next day.

After breakfast, everyone got ready for the moor walk. From Nell Bank up to Ilkley Moor, they explored the countryside to the Cow and calf and then back up to Nell Bank. It was 7 and a half miles in total! Wow! They’re definitely ready for Ingelbrough Hall, where they walk 9 miles! They had lunch up on the moor – Madinah’s sandwich was stolen by a dog! When they had returned and had a rest, they did the habitat trail around the site. The adventure play and water play was taken over by the crowds of children! Alas, it was time for tea and a shower before cosy bedtime – they all went to sleep much quieter this time from the tiring walk!

The last day! Everybody packed their cases and left the dorms neatly before breakfast. Afterwards, they did orienteering and exciting den building! (Mr Lowe’s group built the best!) This was when they waved goodbye and hopped back on the coach on their way back to school. Everybody had a lot of fun and learned a lot of new skills. When they were back at school, they were very excited to see their parents and trundled home to their warm beds and back to normal routine!

Mckensey and Emily Mae

KS2 Football Tournament

This afternoon 16 children from Years 3 to 6 travelled to Swain House Primary School to take part in the Bradford East One Football Tournament hosted by Sports UK. It was a fantastic afternoon of sports with a number of School teams taking part from the local area. The games were played over 3 pitches for Years 5 and 6 and 3 more pitches for Years 3 and 4 – both Blakehill teams playing on the pitch 2s.

The Year 3 and 4 (consisting of James, Archie, Ashton, Jake, Lucas, Molly , Ellis and Ben) had fantastic afternoon winner in every game that they played, the results were:
And after winning in the final too they ended up coming away as overall winners of pitch 2.
One individual stood out from the crowd and was noticed by the referees and the Sports UK staff for their fantastic contribution, skill, sportsmanship and team spirit it was Molly from Year 4! She receive the girl player of the tournament award and should feel very proud of herself for her achievements.

Years 5 and 6 had a bit of a trickier start to tournament. Their teams was made up of Billy (the next Joe Hart), Joel, Steven, Joe, Aaron, Jake, Ben and Hayden. They drew their first 3 games before clenching a win to take them to the final and what a final it was! Blakehill to and early 1-0 lead but in the final moments of the game Thorpe Primary scored an equalizer that took the game to penalties! It was tense as we started we were neck and neck…
It went to sudden death and after two extremely tense penalties and fantastic save by Billy Blakehill took the win.

Well done to all the children and schools that took part and a massive well done to the children of Blakehill for player so well as a team and working hard to do their best.

Take a look at the pictures below to see the teams in action.

New kit!

Finally the time has arrived…our new, amazing, wonderful and bright kits are here! The sun kiss yellow coloured shirts and dreamy sky blue shorts shone bright like jewels when Mrs Russell opened the huge black bag they arrived in! To model how wonderful our new kit is we have a glamorous assistant called Emily Mae! She had her picture taken this afternoon to show you all our wonderful new sports kit, which you can see at the bottom of this post. We would all like to thank our amazing PTFA who very kindly sponsored the kit by covering the full cost. Keep posted for photographs of the jackets, which are still to arrive, and any pictures of our wonderful sports teams wearing them at any upcoming events.


Tag Rugby tournament

This morning 16 children from KS2 went with Mrs Russell and Mr Lowe to Swain House Primary School to take part in the Bradford East One Tag Rugby Tournament. They were competing against 6 other schools that were; Tackley, Swain House, Hollybrook, Cavendish, Wellington and Fagley. Their were 8 children from Years 3 and 4 (Taylor, Kian, Caelen, Archie, James, Aminah, Maisie and Lucas) and 8 children from Years 5 and 6 (Joel, Aaron, Oliver, Lily, Tia, Elliot, Meghan and Amelia).


There was lots of tough competition for both team throughout the morning and it wasn’t made any easier the mud! All of their boots were caked with the stuff but they alls till played fantastically well.

Years 5 and 6 won 1, drew 1 and lost 2. they came away with the sportsmanship award which was given to the team who were the best team players encouraging everyone and helping those who needed it.

Years 3 and 4 won 5 and lost 1! They made it though to the final where the faced Wellington where they were unfortunately beaten but came away with their heads held high and a sliver medal around their necks, they knew that they had done everyone proud and played their best.

All the children who went should be very proud of themselves fro how well they played and how hard they pushed themselves! Have a look at the fantastic Blakehill Teams in action in the pictures below!

Bradford Bulls if you are looking for a new youth team look no further!

By Alex

PE Kits

Since it is a new year we would like to  take this opportunity  to remind you all  to bring in the  correct PE kit and make sure that your trainers and pumps all fit correctly, if you don’t remember here is a little reminder.


  • White top
  • Navy/Black PE shorts
  • Pumps


  • Trainers
  • Jackets/Hoodie (Black/Navy)
  • White top (Same as indoor)
  • Jogging pants (Black/Navy)

Also we would like to inform you about what Year 4 have to wear for their swimming lessons on a Thursday. You will need a pump bag, a towel and a swimming costume.

By Brooke & Emily

Cross country

As the amazing Blakehill set of into the wild place where they would face their challenge to win cross country, they didn’t know what would happen! It was a crazy wet afternoon when our group of children went to Wellington to race.

The runners made lots of progress and came 4! Although they tried their best they were just beaten by seven seconds which is fabulous and we all were very proud. They were extremely tired by the end and were so red and hot they looked like a very blinding fire which was so hot it had burst! The wet muddy grass meant that very clammy and aching children came back to school.

These were the fast, brave people who did it:                                                                                       Lewis






Emily that is me!


These people should be so proud of their self!


Happy Friday

From Emily Mae