RD assembly

On Friday, the 13th of March, RD performed an amazing assembly all about the Gruffalo and what they have been doing since the start of the school year.

Firstly, a couple children stood up and said what they have been doing since the first day of the year. A couple of children showed an example of their maths and English. In maths a volunteer called Isla counted up and down to twenty amazingly. Then another volunteer wrote fox on the white board.

After that, everyone did an amazing job of a Gruffalo performance that everyone loved. The mouse especially did a great job for remembering all of his words. Everyone did an amazing job!

By Molly,Freya,Mia and Phoebe

RD Class Assembly

This Friday, (Friday 5th of July) the classes were called down to the hall to watch a brilliant assembly all about RD’s first year at Blakehill.

They started off by welcoming everyone to the assembly, then going on to share with how much they had learnt. After that, RD showed us their math skills ,by solving sums on a whiteboard, and their knowledge of phonics by blending words.

Soon after, they started telling us what they wanted to be when they grew up, there were lots of good jobs, such as, vets, doctors, farmers and many more.

It was a very interesting assembly and everyone enjoyed it.

By Daniel and Libby G

RD Class Assembly

Today (Friday 1st February 2019) the children of reception performed their very first assembly in front of the whole school. They talked all about their learning on dinosaurs and the exciting history that goes with it.

They first listed some of the different types dinosaurs  such as: Triceratops, Pterodactyl, Tyrannosaurus Rex , Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus and many more! They then showed us some of their pictures, which were amazing, that they drew all by themselves.

Next, they acted like cavemen and dinosaurs which was really entertaining! After that, reception showed us how people used to live like back in the days of dinosaurs. They used the information from the book ‘Dinosaurs in underpants’ to share with us all these amazing facts that they have discovered. All the children spoke with beautifully clear voice and had learnt all of their words off by heart.

It was a brilliant assembly and we certainly cannot wait for their next one!

By Aminah, Taylor and Libby G.

RD’s Class Assembly

Today, Friday the 6th, RD had their last class assembly before they venture off into the world of year one.They talked about all of their memories through the year such as: hatching ducklings , learning about dinosaurs and doing lots of fun things.The five duckling had been called Dexter, Flower,Booboo, Deggy and Josh. They even did art around they ducklings which they showed in the assembly. After that, the audience, including their parents, learnt about all of the great school trips they had been on through out the year. These included; the Rainbow Factory and Thornton Hall Farm. From the sound of it they duly enjoyed both of their visits.

To finish the fabulous assembly they talked about what they want to be when they grow up and they showed a slide show of pictures from what they had been up to throughout the year which you can watch below along with the video of the assembly.

By Emily Mae

RD Class Assembly

Today was RD’s class assembly where we learnt about what they have done these last couple of months and the books they have read. At first, they talked about the brilliant way Reception Class have learnt how to spell all their sounds and letters; a girl even held up some letter cards while the class showed the audience how they remembered them all. On the other side of the hall, a boy went to write a few words they had discovered on their journey through reception.

The children began to talk about the book they had been reading over the past few weeks called Harry And The Dinosaur, which they had really enjoyed learning about. Even children dressed up in multi-coloured dinosaur costumes! One day, Harry went into his attic and discovered a bucket full of toy dinosaurs, which he imagined in his head were real. He went with his mum on holiday but suddenly he began to forget about his bucket full of dinosaurs, leaving the dinosaurs sad and upset. When he arrived home, he started to remember his dinosaurs.

It was a fantastic assembly and they all did a great job! Well done RD!

Emily-Mae and Taylor


RD assembly from Blakehill School on Vimeo.

Blakehill’s Got Talent 2017

This afternoon we had our live final of Blakehill;s Got Talent and what a fantastic show it was. Below are the videos of all the entries. Class have been voting and the winner will be announced tomorrow morning! Good Luck to everyone involved, you are all winners in my eyes!

At the end of the show the staff also put on a special performance too…

RD’s class Assembly

After days upon months it is time for reception to say goodbye to their wonderful time in RD. Today the cute, small but knowledgeable children put on a fantastic last assembly of the year.They all were so good when they delivered their lines and were so sensible sitting. They definitely put a smile on everyone’s faces. They also told us what they would like to be, which was the cutest thing ever! At the end they did a slideshow of all their favourite memories. Well done RD!

This also Emily’s last blog as she is leaving and going to high school! Good Luck Emily!

Emily and Emily-Mae

Blakehill Got Talent Contestants !

This week everyone in Blakehill got the chance to audition for our popular show Blakehill’s Got Talent. This show will take place on the 20th July on the last week of term. After all the talent the teachers saw, they counted up the votes that the pupils had written down. Eventually they were counted up and that brought it down to one act per class.

These are the contestants of Blakehill Got Talent 2017,

  • RD- Lacey- Gymnastics
  • RG- Frank, Frazer- Jokes
  • 1W – Zach and friends- Dancing
  • IP- Mollie, Layla, Megan and Scarlett- Dancing
  • 2S- Lily-Mae -Old Mcdonald
  • 2P- Eleanor- Ballet
  • 3R- Duggy-Rap
  • 3P- Jessica- Dancing
  • 4L- Ethan and Daniel- Comedy
  • 4LO- Rees- Playing Guitar
  • 5H- Elliot- Singing
  • 5R- The Boyz: Subhan, Steven,Joe, Jake and George- Mixed Dance
  • 6S- Ruby-Singing
  • 6R- Abu- Car noises

There are all of the contestants for the show. We can’t wait to see these amazing, talented pupils perform. Well Done to everyone who auditioned and got through!  Good Job! 🙂


Reception visit Thornton Hall farm.

On Tuesday the 7th of June, Reception class visited a fantastic day out at Thornton Hall  farm! The class Teacher quoted “We had an amazing day!”. They got to have a trip in a tractor all around the farm they saw sheep, cows and dear. Could you believe it they also got to feed the lambs and calves with milk from a bottle! They held a kit (a baby rabbit) and guinea pigs, stroked the chicks, goats, lambs and ducklings! Then they had their lunch, which they brought from home, or was provided by the school. After lunch, they went  egg collecting and went to see the horses and piglet. Then, they stroked cocoa the pony. When they had finished that, they all had ice-cream and played on the slides. They had a very busy day!

By Alex and Adam