Santa Skype

This morning Reception class had a shock! As if by magic , while they were playing outside having fun a certain person called. A tiny little elf, who was  called Steve, dialled on Skype and whispered ‘If you sing a song, a special person will come!’so they sang a traditional carol. On the count of three they sang Jingle bells and they sounded lovely  and in no time at all Santa himself appeared on the screen. I’m sure Santa loved it but he did not like what was next… Mr Lowe,our Year 4 teacher, deafen them with his singing of When Santa came down the chimney  but with the wrong words! I do not know why they did not take cover. He sang  Although he said,’I sang beautifully ‘ we all knew he was very, very, very wrong.

Soon enough,Steve had enough and Mr Lowe was quite so Santa spoke to the children, telling them how hard they had been working and some children even got a special mention! All the children loved it and are super excited from Chirstmas now!

Happy Christmas!

Written by Emily Mae

Reception Assembly

Today, the whole of Reception did their assembly all about what they wanted to be when they are older. We have a lot of budding professional footballers as well as doctors, nurses, policemen and women and beauticians. It was great to see all the children standing up and speaking in front of such a big crowd of parents and carers. Well done reception!

RD class assembly

Today RD performed their brilliant class assembly it was so good. It was meant to be last week but due to the snow it was moved to today. They all spoke really clearly and there were lots of happy faces. It was all about the stick man, which was a book they were reading about. They had done lots of hard work and activities based on the book which included,decorating sticks,using sticks to help them count and they even built things with the sticks. The story was very nice and the audience loved it! Well done RD.
Have a look at the video below and leave us a comment underneath

By Emily

Away in a manger by Reception

This week both Reception classes performed an amazing nativity called ‘Away in a manger’. It was based on a donkey named Maurice who lived in a stable and didn’t like to share his manger with any other animals until a very special night.
Most of the children were narrator’s and said their lines very clearly. Throughout the nativity, four of the children sang the beginning of away in a manger [the song] which leads up to all of Reception singing. Reception had a brilliant time performing for both the school and their families.

By Ruby