Year 1 and 2 Christmas parties

On the 11th of December, Year 1 and 2 had a Christmas party in the school hall. During the event, prizes were won, food was eaten and party games were played such as musical statues, musical bumps, pass the parcel and corners. It was so much fun! The food that was available to eat was; buns, pizza, sweets and many more (Yum!) Key Stage one had very full tummies and smiley faces by the end!

As a surprise for the children, the one and only Santa Claus took a trip to visit them! The children were extremely excited and can only hope he visits again on the 25th! They had a fantastic time that we are sure they will never forget. 

by Cora and Isabelle

Receptions Skype with Santa

This week (on Monday the 10th December) Reception went on a trip to do a Skype with Santa. Santa had a talk with the class all about their work they had done this year and how good their behaviour is. He also talked about his elves and how hard they have been working to make and wrap all their presents. He said that he has been preparing his reindeer’s for another flight of their life all around the world.

Also that he would bring them the presents that they want out of anything- lucky Reception. He showed them the snow outside his house all the way from the North Pole.  The whole of reception loved talking to Santa and singing the song Jingle Bells to him.

By Harley and Daniel

Christmas Fayre

On Monday, a Christmas Fayre was held in the school hall. There were many exciting activities that people of all ages could join in. Even Santa came to join in the fun and give children special presents!

The fayre had different stalls and tombolas that had a  variety gifts.  Some of the stalls had scrumptious treats that everybody ate and enjoyed. Also there were many raffles, lucky dips  and tombolas that most of the people took part in . Some lucky people won the prizes so congratulations to them.

Santa took a visit to Blakehill to see whether the children were naughty or nice.  He gave out many chocolates and sweets to the children at the fayre ( some of the adults too! )

Aminah who went to the fayre said ” it was a great time and I would do it again ”

Non of this would happen if it werent for the PTFA who helped to put all of this together.

By Libby and Aminah

Santa Skype

This morning Reception class had a shock! As if by magic , while they were playing outside having fun a certain person called. A tiny little elf, who was  called Steve, dialled on Skype and whispered ‘If you sing a song, a special person will come!’so they sang a traditional carol. On the count of three they sang Jingle bells and they sounded lovely  and in no time at all Santa himself appeared on the screen. I’m sure Santa loved it but he did not like what was next… Mr Lowe,our Year 4 teacher, deafen them with his singing of When Santa came down the chimney  but with the wrong words! I do not know why they did not take cover. He sang  Although he said,’I sang beautifully ‘ we all knew he was very, very, very wrong.

Soon enough,Steve had enough and Mr Lowe was quite so Santa spoke to the children, telling them how hard they had been working and some children even got a special mention! All the children loved it and are super excited from Chirstmas now!

Happy Christmas!

Written by Emily Mae

Reception receive a Skype from Santa.

This afternoon, Reception received a very exciting Skype call from Santa Claus himself!The children were glued to the screen and very eager to answer his questions and to ask him a few too. Mrs Claus had a bit of a mishap in the kitchen (she burnt the mince pies again!) and set the fire alarm off so we had to let Santa sort it out for short time but he soon got back to us and the children were excited as ever.

Santa even mentioned some very special people who were on his nice list and told everyone what they had been doing to earn their place. However, Mr Lowe was on the naughty list this Year for picking his nose and flicking it out of his car window.

The children were very grateful for their Skype call and can’t wait for Christmas Eve to see if he comes to visit their houses.

Thank you for the call Santa!

Do you think you will be on the naughty or nice list this year? Leave a comment and let us know.

Secret Santa Appeal 2015

A few days ago Mr Cavalier-Lumley came in to talk about the secret Santa appeal.This is for children that don’t get as many gifts as us.In the office we will shortly be a christmas tree covered in gift tags. Names of children and their age will be on the tags. Please, please come and pick up tag to make somebody in Bradford have a Christmas to remember. Don’t buy anything too expensive just a little thing no more than £10s. You don’t even have to wrap it! Just bring in back to the office with the tag attached.


By Emily Mae and Amelia