This week, we went through the conditions of SATS although it wasn’t the real deal. Phew! We were split into 2 separate groups so we could get more support if needed.

There were many teachers there- too many to count. The week began with a spag test which was 45 minutes and it was followed by a spelling test. On Tuesday, we got a rest, thankfully. On Wednesday, we did a reading test which was harder than expected, but not impossible as we persevered. On Thursday, we did paper 1 arithmetic and paper 2 reasoning. Finally, we did the paper 3 reasoning. It was practically the same as paper 2. So there you go, that was our week.

After today, we realized that we have nothing to worry about when May comes around and all we have to do is try our best which we are sure everyone will!

By Avroop and Taylor

Year 6 annual meeting

At 6pm on Thursday, our Teachers Mrs Gould and Mr Sidebottom hosted a Year 6 Parents Meeting to tell our grown ups all about what we would be doing this year. The evening commenced, with a lovely introduction summarizing the night’s topics.

They talked about how we could feel that pressure inflicted on us (the year 6 classes) during SATs and in general but this isn’t what they wanted. This I think is because of the high expectations we are held up to in year 6 due to the fact we will soon be attending secondary school in a matter of months. Even though, there could be a lot of pressure during SATs, we are confident that we will pass with flying colours as we have the support of our teachers and wonderful parents. We can’t wait for the challenge!

by Taylor And Avroop

Year 6 SATS

This week, both Year 6 classes have tried their very hardest to get the best scores they could possibly in their SATS.

Year 6 children were split into 3 groups. Unfortunately, the first group had to be in school by 8:00. On Monday, Year 6 had to face their biggest fart: Sats (hehehe). Firstly, they had to do the SPAG and the spelling test that had 20 questions. Both classes got through the tests with ease.

After that, they had their reading test. Most of Year 6 were worried about finishing this test , however it was easier than they thought. Lastly, they had their maths and arithmetic tests. After that, it was freedom!

Year 6 are now thinking about their ( hopefully ) fabulous production at the end of the year along with relaxing.

We hope that Year 6 have an amazing rest of the year ( without having to worry about tests 🙂 )

Libby G and Daniel


After a long,hard and stressful week, SATs are FINALLY over! Year 6 are very relieved and are anxious to see what results they will get, but meanwhile its time to focus on transition and preparing for Year 7! Yesterday afternoon, whilst watching a well-earned movie, Mrs Keighley kindly brought in some yummy ice lollies for them all to enjoy as a reward for their hard work, and they were very much appreciated! Today (Friday), year 6 have had a fantastic day, and got to have a relaxing time, which they really needed after the stress-filled week: movies have been watched, biscuits and buns have been eaten and everybody has been able to relieve their stress!

Well done Year 6 for all of your hard work and determination, and we hope you look forward to the rest of your time at Blakehill!

By Mckensey

Year 6 Parents Meeting

Yesterday evening, the Year 6 parents all came to a fun, informational parents meeting at 6:00, which was hosted by all the teachers! Here, they gave information all about what the children have been doing in class over the last couple of months and what is coming up throughout the rest of the year.

Parents were told about the changes and transitioning that were coming up for the children and given a lot of information about SATs and what would be taught to help everyone; the teachers talked about the help the kids would get over the year and that they wished them the best of luck but most importantly was to not WORRY! However these weren’t the only things, the last one being Robin Wood which was very informative and helpful for the parents to know what their children would be doing and that they were getting their money’s worth!

By Mckensey

2 days till SATs!

Year 6 only have two more days till SATs! They have been working very,very hard and the time has come for them to show what they can really do. For the last 2 weeks they have been so nervous but there is no need (seen as they will do amazingly well!). Ever since the start of Year Six everyone in the year group have been revising extra hard and it will all pay off in the end. Not only have they been revising at school, they have been working very hard at home and taking papers home at the end of each week. Little did they know their parents would nag at them to get their work done but their parents have helped them out so much!

DON’T FORGET: KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON! We would like to wish year six good luck and don’t worry at all because you all have amazing skills. Good Luck 🙂

By Brooke and Emily

Countdown to SATs for Year 6!

It’s almost SATs week for Year 6 but don’t worry! They have all been given a booklet containing: SPaG (Spelling, punctuation and grammar), an arithmetic paper and reasoning questions to help them prepare, try and have a go at everything in the pack to help your brain ticking over before the big event. And if you would like further help to revise at home don’t worry because help is here! Below you can find links to some familiar websites that can also help you:

Don’t forget to try and relax and rest up, we want you all refreshed and ready to go. Enjoy your half term!

By Adam

SATs Are Over!!

Finally, after many hard weeks of studying we came to an end – the SATs are over! The Year Sixes have been working very hard since the beginning of the year and now all of that hard work has paid off. All the Year Sixes were very relieved at the end of Thursday morning as they did their last assessment. They couldn’t believe how quick this week of SATs has gone, honestly it has actually gone really quickly! The most important tests at a Primary School are the SATs and the year sixes have just gone through that week, not only the year sixes in our school but the year sixes in the entire of England have gone through this hard and painful week of super hard New Curriculum SATs. We would like to say the biggest well done ever to the year sixes for getting through and putting in all the hard work!!!!!!!

Don’t forget to keep on working hard but also relax a little bit! Well Done Year Sixes!

SATs Are Over!!

By Elyse

Year 6 SATs !!

Today was the day, that year 6 could revise for the last time at school before their SATs!!! Sadly, SATs are on Monday and will be held in the hall. Year 6  are  very, very (I mean very!) nervous! But don’t worry guys we are sure you will all do great!

If you didn’t know already, SATs are tests, which every child in the UK have to sit and do- they are extremely hard but we can do it! Our Year 6’s have been working very hard this week and we think we have done a great job so far! On the morning of our SATs, children in year 6 have to arrive at school at 8:30am- UNFAIR!! But we get a snack when we get here! Hopefully everyone will do very well and make ourselves proud.

by Macie

Countdown Until SATs

There are only 15 school days until the one and only SATs!

Everybody is working hard so they can get good grades for when they go to High School. A Few of us are starting to get nervous but no need to fear because we know so much already. However if you want to keep up the hard work at home there’s some extraordinary websites that can help you. Here are a few examples to help you…

.BBC- KC2- Bitesize

. RM Maths

.Woodlands Junior

Don’t worry Year Six we are sure that you will do amazing in you SATs!

By Macie and Elyse