School Disco

On Tuesday, the PTFA organised another amazing school disco. It started by all of the pupils gathering in the hall to dance to all their favourite songs. While you were there, there was a store where you could buy things from. Children could get: hot dogs, sweets, drinks, glitter, tattoos, bracelets and slap bands. We had an amazing DJ who played all of the classic songs, including Old Town Road, as well as starting a dance off which was great fun. Overall we had an amazing disco and a big thank you to the PTFA for organising the event. We certainly cannot wait until the next one!

By Mia

PJ Disco

On Tuesday, the 6th of November, KS1 and 2 had their  PJ discos. Sweets, hot dogs, cookies, drinks and milkshakes were being sold. Throughout the fun, many songs were played including the very popular baby shark and shotgun! Lots of fun was had be everyone with everybody dancing, playing games and having their pictures taken. There were competitions for the best dancer and even a conga!

What fun!

We can’t wait to do it all again for our next school disco.

Isabelle and Mollie

Pyjama Disco

Next week, on Tuesday, Blakehill Primary school are hosting a disco for the Blakehill students. Yay! The exact date of the disco is on a new month, what a way to welcome Blakehill to a new month, its Tuesday 2nd February. We are hoping there will be lots of students there to party. The time for Key Stage One is five o’clock until six o’clock. The time for the Key Stage Two is quarter past six until quarter past seven. One of the most fun things about the Blakehill discos is that they are always themed and the theme for this disco is a pyjama themed disco. We are all excited to see you all come in pyjamas and onesies! There will will be lots of food and sweeties at the disco including cookies and some nice drinks. The cost of the disco per child is £2. It will be lots of fun, trust me I’ve been to a lot. Also parents of the children can come just so they are there early to pick up their child and see big smiles across their children’s faces. Also this disco wouldn’t be happening if wasn’t for our PTFA so thank you our PTFA!

We hope to see all of your lovely faces at Blakehill’s pyjama disco! Have lots of fun!

By Elyse

School Disco Profit

On 21st April 2015 the PTFA held a St George’s day themed disco. We had lots of sweets, hot dogs, drinks and snow cones to sell. The disco went really well and there were lots of great dancers and singers too. Everybody had lots of fun. We made lots of money from the school disco but most importantly you helped raise the money.

We raised  £388.17!!

We think that all of the students of Blakehill did really well by helping us raise so much money.  I really hope that everyone had a fantastic time at our St.George’s day, princess, knights and dragons themed disco.

I hope you had a great disco and thank you for all your money raising!

By Elyse