Year 5 and 6 Christingle service.

On Wednesday, Upper KS2 performed an astounding, enjoyable Christingle service. This was at St. Cuthbert’s church from 2:30 to 3:00 with the audience of their parents. They sang their best and it came out amazing.

Parents joined in (with the songs they knew). Then the children told the story of the birth of Jesus through short readings. One thing parents picked out was the fabulous Crescendo’s. Crescendo is something when a word gets louder like you go up some stairs in can also be when you go down stairs (getting quieter).

Parents spoke to teachers and said it was great and it made them feel in the mood for the season. I think that next year will be just as good maybe even better!

By Alex

Choir trip to Morrisons

On Tuesday morning, the school choir took a trip to Morrisons, Enterprise 5.

Due to the fact that the school choir do not usually go on trips as a group, we did not have a coach or a bus to travel on. As a result, every child had to walk. When we got there,we sang many different songs including; little drummer boy, silent night, infant holy and many more.

As we continued to sing, more and more of an audience began to appear. After we finished singing, we got a clap from everybody and got ready to go back to school.

It was a great morning and we had lots of fun!

By Mollie and Isabelle

2018 Young Voices

Songs playing through our heads from the Young Voices sheet, we jumped off the bus ready to sing. After an adventures few months of hard work and practice, we headed into Sheffield Arena.Once we had found our seats, we ate our lunch with excitement glowing within us. Starting rehearsals (which took forever)with the young voices choir,was very fun! We met some famous people called Natalie Williams , Magnet and Alfie . Magnet were a group of people who made crazy noises with their mouths, beat boxers! Natalie was a great, confident and powerful singer and Alfie was spotted on a video that when viral he was fabulous.

Exhausted,after the long rehearsals we ate our tea before our parents and guests started to arrive and then in no time at all the concert began. Roaring crowds sat below us, all exited to see their children sing their hearts out. Dancing and singing all night long,was great it fulled us with joy and passion. Fancy lights flashed across us in all different colours: red, blue, pink and yellow. It was so fun to sing with different schools from all over Yorkshire.

Finishing our wonderful night, we clambered on the coach home. At around 10:30 we pulled up back at school. It was a very eventful night and we had all had a fantastic time.

By Pasha and Emily Mae

Young Voices 2018 from Blakehill School on Vimeo.


Reception and Year 1 & 2 Christmas Production

On Monday and Tuesday, Reception and Year 1 & 2 finally revealed their Christmas Production to the whole school after months of practising and perfecting their performance! Reception’s nativity ( A King Is Born) was a upbeat, fun story all about a mummy, daddy, grandma and grandad who were telling the Christmas story to their four children on Christmas Eve. They spoke confidently and clearly to their audience, and enjoyed it as they were performing – they sang four different songs with fantastically loud and brave voices starting with It’s Christmas Eve! Dancing to the upbeat music, Reception remembered all of their lines and a special well done to the four main characters the mummy, daddy and grandma and grandad! To finish it off, the children carried on to sing three more songs, Over 2000 years ago, The Three Kings and Glory Glory. Well done Reception class!

Moving over to KS1, their wonderful performance began with the title Hey Ewe! And yes it does say ewe, which is a sheep! After months of practicing with Mrs Scott (the kind producer and teacher) they finally perfected it and showed us how it went. Of all the sheep in the flock, the smallest, youngest ewe was the most inquisitive and curious and was always busy making trouble under the shepherds feet. She was always asking silly questions and to the annoyance of the rest of the flock, she never stopped talking! The little sheep always had to know what was going on! However, one night, while all the other sheep were sleeping, that little ewe wouldn’t rest and knew something was different in the air.

Throughout the production, KS1 re-enacted the story of Christmas and the baby sheep’s reaction to baby Jesus and the angels news. With comedy and humour, the actress for the curious ewe was fantastic in learning her lines and acting it out perfectly through the rest of the performance. KS1 also sang a number of upbeat, happy songs which were: Hustle Bustle, Something’s Going On, How Much Further to Bethlehem?, Calypso Kings, Hey Ewe!, Gospel Angels and A King Is Born!

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, the children from KS1 and Reception performed twice to a hall packed full of their parents, they must be shattered now but they did a fantastic job.
The children really enjoyed learning their lines and perfecting and performing their production. Check out their nativity productions below and leave a comment.

By Mckensey

4J’s Class Assembly

This afternoon, 4J performed a brilliant assembly for the rest of Blakehill, all about World War II. They had been reading a book in their English lessons called Friend or Foe, which is all about two boys who are evacuated to Devon and find two German soldiers, that have crashed from their plane! Using this book, the children have managed to produce multiple pieces of fantastic work such as a diary entry of David (a character in the book), a setting description of the streets that had been bombed and destroyed by the Germans and decision wheels, thinking about what would happen next in the chapter and story.

In topic, the class listened to Neville Chamberlain’s declaration of the war and then wrote from a person who was listening’s point of view. This week, they have learnt a song called “When you’re a kid in World War II” which was very catchy and had a fun rhythm, and sung it to us as they danced around!

This topic was really fun to learn all about and year 4 enjoyed reading the book and looking into the past of the war!

By Mckensey


The Blakehill Choir Perform at a Wedding.

Today is the day that our choir have been waiting and working hard for, after a month or so of waiting and singing the day finally arrived! Our beautiful  school governor, Ms Naylor, had her special day today, the third of November 2017,  was her wedding. Ms Naylor and Jonathan, her lovely partner, got married. Putting her trust in us, she set Blakehill the challenge of sing at her wedding. So today, full of excitement and joy, the Blakehill choir clambered onto the bus to our destination. After learning where our seat were, we when into a waiting room hidden from everyone (as we were a secret) our lunch was given and we had a mini picnic, which was very tasty.

Quickly time flew, as it does, it was already time for the wedding so we walked up the isle to our seats ready for the service and our time to sing. Joining in with too hymns, we were ready to sing our time came and we all glistened like stars even a couple of tears danced down some people’s faces. We even received a standing ovation Today was a great  treat. After a few pictures with the newly weds, we set off back to school full of happiness weddings bring. It was a great day and we wish Ms Naylor and her husband a wonderful, happy and long life together.

Emily Mae

1W’s class Assembly

Today Mrs Wardell’s class held an assembly all about castles and their  time at Skipton Castle! To start they explained what a castle was for and the features like having small archway windows which  were used for archers to shoot arrows at the enemy’s. Also they used to have a draw bridge with a mote underneath it. Then they started to talk about their time on their trip. They explained the dungeons that they went into and that you could’ve been trapped in for 13 weeks! They had to learn 2 songs about their topic for the assembly, which they sang wonderfully! They did a fantastic job of remembering all the words on top of their lines. It was a great assembly, check it out in the video below.

by Alex

School Pyjama Disco

This week, on Wednesday 15th, we had our Pyjama Disco. It was amazing to see how many children came to have fun and dance to the amazing songs that the DJ had put on to listen to. Many children came to dance and sing along but they also ate the yummy food the PTFA provided for the disco. We would also like to thank the wonderful parents that also took part in the disco by selling the food. We had two parts in the disco, one was KS1 and the other KS2. Both discos were in the same place but they were at different times to make sure it wasn’t too busy. Many children were very tired after all of the dancing and singing along to music and their bellies were full after the hot dogs and sweets they could buy.

Thank you for everyone who took part and helped out! We hope you enjoyed the disco and can’t wait for the next one!


Mr Fraud’s Music Assembly

On Tuesday, Mr Fraud came to Blakehill and did an assembly for the school that  was all about music. There was a song that was all about Jesus’s love to us and how it will never end. He also told us all about his first time going to see the place that he has soft spot for, Manchester United! He went to Old Trafford (their football stadium) where he watched ALL of a match! He told us about how he was told to go to the train station all by himself where he met his Uncle Tony to go get on a bus to go to Manchester. He also played us two songs about Jesus and his love to make us feel thankful for what he does for us and how important he is for us.

Little Cherrys Performance

Every Friday evening
after school at Blakehill, we have a drama singing acting club. Every week they get together and practise their lines, songs and dance moves ready for a big performance. Tonight is the day and they are doing a show of Cinderocks! Will Cinder get to the magical ball or will she be a servant forever? It was a wonderful production with lots of effort and talent.
I highly recommend this club if you are into acting and singing.
Cinderocks was a great play by Little Cherrys well done! I can not wait for next years performances!









By Emily Mae