Year 1 and 2 Christmas parties

On the 11th of December, Year 1 and 2 had a Christmas party in the school hall. During the event, prizes were won, food was eaten and party games were played such as musical statues, musical bumps, pass the parcel and corners. It was so much fun! The food that was available to eat was; buns, pizza, sweets and many more (Yum!) Key Stage one had very full tummies and smiley faces by the end!

As a surprise for the children, the one and only Santa Claus took a trip to visit them! The children were extremely excited and can only hope he visits again on the 25th! They had a fantastic time that we are sure they will never forget. 

by Cora and Isabelle

School Pyjama Disco

This week, on Wednesday 15th, we had our Pyjama Disco. It was amazing to see how many children came to have fun and dance to the amazing songs that the DJ had put on to listen to. Many children came to dance and sing along but they also ate the yummy food the PTFA provided for the disco. We would also like to thank the wonderful parents that also took part in the disco by selling the food. We had two parts in the disco, one was KS1 and the other KS2. Both discos were in the same place but they were at different times to make sure it wasn’t too busy. Many children were very tired after all of the dancing and singing along to music and their bellies were full after the hot dogs and sweets they could buy.

Thank you for everyone who took part and helped out! We hope you enjoyed the disco and can’t wait for the next one!