Year 6 Transition Day

This week, ( on Wednesday ) Year 6 got the opportunity to attend a transition day where they would get to be at their school for one day. Children who will be going to Hanson and Immanuel went to explore their new schools for one day only!

Luckily, at our blogging club we have 2 children that attended the transition day and we can tell you that eventhough it was little scary at first it was amazing!

We will miss Blakehill when we leave but can’t wait to start our new adventures.

Reception Transition Day

On Wednesday 4th July, the brand new reception children came in to spend the day in their new classrooms with their new teachers, and meet some new friends, ready for September. The new reception children came into the school and had a circle time with their teachers and the other kids that will be in their class with them, and got to know the area,  the classroom, and how things would work when they came. They all had the fun opportunity to play with the inside toys plus the equipment and the outside games and provision. Not only that, but the new parents were able to have tea and coffee in the hall to meet eachother and talk about their children, who would be starting in September.

By Mckensey


After a long,hard and stressful week, SATs are FINALLY over! Year 6 are very relieved and are anxious to see what results they will get, but meanwhile its time to focus on transition and preparing for Year 7! Yesterday afternoon, whilst watching a well-earned movie, Mrs Keighley kindly brought in some yummy ice lollies for them all to enjoy as a reward for their hard work, and they were very much appreciated! Today (Friday), year 6 have had a fantastic day, and got to have a relaxing time, which they really needed after the stress-filled week: movies have been watched, biscuits and buns have been eaten and everybody has been able to relieve their stress!

Well done Year 6 for all of your hard work and determination, and we hope you look forward to the rest of your time at Blakehill!

By Mckensey

Welcome back!

Welcome back every one! We hope you have all had a wonderful time off for the 6 week holidays! We have all had a great first week back settling into our new classrooms, getting to know our new teachers and finding out what we have all been up to. Also, we had an amazing performance of Alice in Wonderland (see Emily’s blog to learn more).
We have been finding out about what we will be learning this year and getting our brains warmed up with some really interesting lessons such as learning about Roald Dahl books for his birthday. There are still lots of things lined up for this year which we can’t wait to do! We are all very happy with our teachers and are looking forwards to spending the year with them. Good luck for this year everyone!

New Teachers

My hands trembled, a shiver flew up my spine as we lined up to meet our new teacher. Partly scared, partly excited we waited impatiently for our new teacher. It was time! …As each teacher walked by we thought they would be ours. We wondered whether we had got the same teacher but our teacher walked to another class so we knew it couldn’t be her! Finally, we found out… we had Mrs Russell! When we got our teacher, we went to our new classes and did activities. We all had lots of fun and are now very excited for next year.

We do have something very sad! Our year 6 classes will be leaving us for high school and we will miss them! We hope they love it though and have a great time!

Emily Mae