Maths Mastery

This week everyone from Year 2 to Year 6 enjoyed Maths Mastery Week and so got to do lots of maths mastery challenges in the hall. There was a range of different activities. In fact, 26 problems of all different levels! Some off  the problems were: Tangrams, Rubix cubes and towers of Hanoi which were fun and challenging. We found them really hard but wanted to solve them all so we gave it a go. Years 1 to 2 got to work together to solve some of the more difficult problems. All of the school enjoyed the workshop and learnt new maths challenges and some even wanted to do it again!

All of  the classes got to take some time off their normal lessons and did extra fun maths. We loved it and would do it all again.

By Pasha and Taylor

Year 2 Class Assembly

Today, Year 2 did a fantastic assembly all about Bonfire Night and the Gunpowder Plot. Their aim was to make people remember not only the 5th of November but how everyone follows different religions and beliefs which it is important to understand. They explained that we should listen to everyone’s point of view and be kind to each other- if we do this we all live peacefully.

They exclaimed how people celebrate Bonfire night:



Bonfires with a model Guy Fawkes on top.

Guy Fawkes wanted England to be catholic again so he and a group of friends planned a plot of gunpowder in the Houses of Parliament to kill the King. Fortunately, he  failed and got caught by the king’s guards. With his friends, he was sentenced to be hung and quartered.

Year 2 did a wonderful job and we definitely learnt the importance of listening to and accepting other people’s views.

Sports Day 2017!

On Tuesday 16th May, weather permitting, Reception, Years 1 and 2, will be holding their Sports Day at 1:45 PM.

Year 3 and 4 is on Wednesday 17th May, weather permitting.

Year 5 and 6 is on Thursday 18th May, weather permitting.

You can  come and watch your child by going through the gate on Doctor Hill.





For Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 your child may come to school wearing their house colour and suitable sports clothing. However, Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 your child should be sent to school in their normal uniform and bring their sports clothes to change into.

On the day, please make sure that any younger children/toddlers are kept off of the race track where Sports Day is taking place as we don’t want them to get hurt.

And please do not give your children snacks in the afternoon because we don’t want to distract them from the events.

If it is a warm day please send your child to school with a bottle of water and a sun hat and please make sure to put sun cream on your child if necessary.

By Adam and Alex

2P Class Assembly

This afternoon, 2P performed their assembly for Blakehill and thier parents. It was a wonderful assembly about a book they have been looking at over the term called Orion and The Dark. It is about a little boy called Orion, who is scared of many things, and his up-most fear is the dark. One day, the Dark comes down from the sky when he is about to go to bed and scares Orion a little bit. However, the Dark helps him come over his fear by showing him that there is no monster under the bed, nothing in the wardrobe and nothing outside his door to get him. Everything was ok and there was no need to be scared. In the end, Orion was no longer scared of the dark and was happy again. There was brilliant acting and a very funny Granny who Orion was scared of! Also, there was alot of brilliant writing from Year 2 to Orion to tell him everything was ok. Overall, it was a fantastic assembly and everyone loved it.



Lights Camel Action by KS1

This week KS1 had their amazing nativity called Lights Camel Action! It was based on a popular show called Strictly Come Dancing mixed with the Christmas Story. They had three judges: Donkey (Lucas), The Innkeepers wife ( Flo) and Caesar Augustus (Alex). There was also 3 narrators and host, who did an amazing job. It also included a lot of the  characters from the Christmas story such as:  the Three Wise Men and the Three Camels , the Angels, Mary and Joseph, the Innkeepers and finally the Shepherds and the sheep. They all had different styles of dancing and they were given a score by the fantastic judges after they completed their dance. They sang lots of songs and learnt lots of amazing dance moves  taught to them by the teachers .

We are happy to hear some fantastic comments about the show from their parents. There were lots of happy faces in the audience. They all did an amazing job and they worked very hard. Well done KS1!

By Emily and Brooke


Year 2 visit St Cuthbert Church

This week Year 2 were extremely lucky to be able  to visit St Cuthbert Church to look at different bibles both new and old. It must have been very interesting as they looked at not just bibles that belonged to the church but old bibles that belonged to soldiers and lots of others! Some were so precious that they had to wear gloves and  some of the bibles were written in different languages, I would love to see one of them.  They looked at new bibles and bibles that were hundreds of years old!

Mr Froud was there, he often comes to our school to do songs about the stories in the bible. At the church they put on some clothes to get into the character of the people that were alive when the bible was written which sounds very fun!  After all that they did a very fun bible quiz that challenged the children on all that they had learnt throughout the session. Even the teachers had fun as they were spoilt with a cup of tea and slice of cake!

It’s sounds like year 2 had a fantastic time and we hope they learnt lots from it.


By Emily-Ma

Good Luck Grace And Eden

Today we lost two members of our school. They have moved house and so are moving schools. The people who we are talking about are two amazing students Grace, year six, and Eden, year two. Grace and Eden are very upset along with all of their class mates. Grace and Eden have been hear a very long time, especially Grace. Grace has been here since reception and that equals, six years, three months and three weeks. Eden has been here also since reception and that equals, two years, three months and three weeks.

All of Blakehill are extremely upset to see these two extraordinary students to leave Blakehill Primary School. All of their class mates wish they could stay, also the school and the teachers of Blakehill. Grace and Eden have received lots of presents and cards from teachers and their friends.

We all hope the best for Grace and Eden! We hope they do well at their new school and make lots of friends as well!

Good luck Grace and Eden!!!!!

By Elyse

Year 2 trip to The Alhambra Theatre

Today Year 2 went on a trip to the Bradford Alhambra Theatre to see a pantomime of Jack and the Beanstalk as part of their work in English lesson, looking at traditional fairy tales. They all had a great time, Harvey was even lucky enough to go up on stage to represent our school. When the name of our school was called out we where the loudest at cheering the building had ever seen, we almost took the roof off!







Uniform Reminder

Welcome back to school and We hope you are looking forward for next term.

We want to take this chance to reminder you of what to wear to school and what you need for school:

P.E kits

Indoor P.E kit:

Black or blue shorts,

White polo t-shirt


Outdoor P.E kit:

Black or blue hoodie

Black or blue joggers

White polo t-shirt


School wear:

White polo t-shirt

Black trousers/Black or blue skirt

Black or blue tights

Black or blue socks

Navy blue jumper or cardigan with or without the school logo on

Black appropriate school shoes


By Ruby and Emily

Stranger Danger!

We would like to remind all children at Blakehill how to stay safe walking home on their own.Hopefully nothing like this would happen at our lovely school but it is important to know what to do if anything was to happen.

If a person you do not know says there here to pick you up  you should just go and tell a teacher or a adult that you do know.In the case that a person grabs you,you should shout for help.Then you should be okay.

So remember always keep safe and if you can, walk with a parent or other children that live near you.

Please make sure your teacher knows how you are getting home and if possible try to walk with a friend or somebody that you know.

By Max and Tom