Zulu Warriors

On Tuesday, 4 Zulu warriors came to our school and spent all day teaching dances and making pupils laugh. We were all very grateful for them to come to Blakehill and teach us how to dance.

The Zulu warriors did three amazingly loud assemblies that thrilled all the children by the loud drums and amazing dancing. After a while, everyone got out of assembly and headed back to class. After lunch, some year groups went down to the hall and the Zulu warriors taught them a dance which were performed in an assembly later in the day. It was a fantastic day which engaged all the children and certainly will not be forgotten any time soon.

By Cara and Eleanor

Year 5 Greek Afternoon

On Tuesday 22nd May, Year 5 and their parents attended to the hall to try and make a replica of Ancient Greek pottery. To help us, we watched a video of a professional pottery artist (who was a great painter). Firstly, we grabbed hold of our clay and moulded the main part of the pot. Then, came the accessories of making the base and handles, to do it we had to make a snake of clay and attach it to the bottom of the pot. For the handles, we had to do a similar project and make smaller snakes for the handles and attach them to the pot! To keep them together we made are own glue called slip and how we made it was that was that we got a pinch of clay and mix it in water. Then we left them to dry to wash our hands. It was a great day and everyone involved loved it, thank you to all the parents who came along to take part!

By Alex and Daniel

Fame trip for Year 5 and 6!

This week Year 5 and 6 were invited down to Immanuel College to watch their production of ‘Fame! The Musical’.

On Thursday 30th we all walked down to Immanuel wondering what we would see! It was a very good show about a stage school and I would rate the performance and story 9/10! in the play about 4 people played the part of teachers and one of the main characters actually had dyslexia! It was all acted very well; one of the girl characters in the play, who was actually very poor, wanted to look posh so her dad worked as a chauffeur and dropped her off in a limo every morning! Also, one of the teacher characters invited the girl with dyslexia to a dance competition but she couldn’t go because she failed in reading! It was a very good show and I would love to go again!

By Adam