Year 2 trip to the Yorkshire wildlife park

This week, year 2 have made a massive trip all the way to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. They left at half past eight and they spent all day there and came back at quarter to four.

When they they arrived, every child was very excited to explore and see what the park had installed. They started by walking around the whole park and seeing every animal that they could possibly see. The animal that the children loved the most were the polar bears ind their cold and icy habitat.

After lunch, they had a workshop where they found out about different animals and were showed and handled real animals like a giant snail called big G, a cockroach and a real snake. At the end of the day every single child had a great day and thought that it was a brilliant trip.

By Daniel. Last blog of the year very sad :(.

Year 2 Yorkshire Wildlife Park Trip

On Thursday the 5th of July, Year 2 went on an amazing trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park, as part of their animal learning in science! Eventhough the temperatures were through the roof, the children went around the park, looking at all the different animals, and learning some fun facts that they could use for their topic when they got back to school. Some of the animals they saw were: baboons, painted dogs, lemurs, wallabies, tigers, lions, rhinos, giraffes, polar bears and meerkats.

They moved onto a fantastic workshop all about polar bears, and learned some interesting information about their lifestyle. Polar bears are becoming endangered due to the ice caps which are melting because of global warming. Not only that, but some polar bears have sadly had to swim for 9 days non stop, just to find the next iceberg, and because they are melting, their food, seals, are also disappearing. The children found out that they could help the situation by turning off lights and electricity when we are not using them. They also learnt some facts about the polar bears appearance: they have small ears to keep the heat in; black skin to absorb heat; their fur isn’t white – its transparent; they weigh the same as a small car and they have large paws to stop them falling through the ice!

Year 2 said they had a fantastic day and they had a brilliant time although it was really warm! They enjoyed learning all about the different animals and the polar bears, and really enjoyed their workshop – Oscar even said it was the best trip ever!

By Mckensey

2P Class Assembly

This afternoon, 2P performed to us a fantastic assembly all about habitats and global warming. They have been covering this topic in science over the past term and have learnt a lot about wildlife and places which suffer from global warming. To help with this subject, they went on a school trip the last Thursday , before half-term,  to Yorkshire Wildlife Park! While they were there, they saw lots of exciting animals including: raccoons, lemurs, lions, polar bears and a lot more! To pack in more fun, they did an interesting polar bear workshop which Miss Philips quoted, “It was AMAZING!” They saw all the different animals in their natural (recreated) habitats  and learnt that the biggest habitat in the world was the ocean! When they got back, they learnt more on polar bears and how they are one of the animals that live in an extreme weather condition and are a victim to global warming. As well as this, the class used the internet to research more about the animals they saw and their habitats. Proved by their assembly, they have learnt a lot and their brains must be bursting full of information! Well done 2P!

By Mckensey and Adam