St Francis Catholic Primary School, St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School and St Matthew’s Catholic Primary School are working with Tony Bullock (visual arts co-ordinator Bradford Council), Paul Scott (Curriculum Innovation Manager Bradford Council) and Ellie Morley (freelance special effects artist) on a project to  create three adult size ‘book monsters’ to put in the libraries of the three schools involved in the project.

The monsters will provide an exciting and engaging system for children to return books to their respective libraries and the models will be programmed to react to the deposit of the books.

The project activities include:

  • Create 2D designs of their book monster
  • Create 3D plasticine models of their monster
  • Create and print 3D models of their monsters using 3D software and a 3D printer.
  • Create the full size monsters using a range of materials.
  • Create and programme automated parts / actions for the monster to action when books are deposited.
  • Create an ongoing story of the monsters
  • Record a time lapse video of the creation of the full size monsters

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