Digital Leaders

In Autumn 2011, the Innovation Centres started supporting the Digital Leader’s Training Academy.
Groups of children in various schools were chosen by staff through various selection processes, e.g. application and interview to become a digital leader.
Once selected, the children attended their first training session based at one of the Innovation Centres ( TICB or TICK) to discuss, train and develop their skills in leading in this roleĀ at their school. Although good knowledge of ICT / new technologies was preferable, delivering, presenting, sharing and being able to organise were other skills that were necessary to be competent and successful in the role.
The first session involved evaluating new technologies, E-safeguarding, presenting and blogging. Next steps were given to the children, followed up by a visit by the digital leader trainers Chris Mayoh and Vicki Cox.

Session two will take place for the first cohort in the coming weeks at the Innovation Centres. We currently have two cohorts with 12 schools in each, participating in the project.

Please feel free to comment on the blog at this current address digitalleaders to ask how the digital leaders are finding their new role and what they have been doing.

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