Geek Squad animation session 3

Having created a simple animated sequence last week showing that a plant needed light and water to grow this week’s target was to add a suitable backdrop and show an assortment of flowers all growing at the same time to create the final animation of the three week project.

One of the great things about iPads that is often over looked is the ability to share content between devices using AirDrop. This uses Bluetooth to connect iPads in a reasonably close proximity and allow content to be shared effortlessly (click here for a quick guide to using AirDrop)

I quickly shared a backdrop of a green field with a sky line for our animations. The children then talked to each other and shared their flower animations with each other using AirDrop so that they had a selection of plants to use in their animation.

We then created a new composition in the Animation & Drawing by Do Ink app and added our background. We added the cloud and sun animations we had already created and created a 12 second animation with 2 clouds drifting across the sky for 3 seconds interspersed with 2 suns doing the same. The trick now was to get all three flowers to grow at the same time. Each plant had its own timeline and we  extended the length of the flower animation to 12 seconds by dragging the end of the object on the timeline but this had the effect of repeating the animation over the 12 seconds,  in some cases we had 1 flower growing three times in 12 seconds and another only once. This was not the outcome we wanted. I introduced the children to the Clip Properties function in the app giving us the ability to speed up or slow down the animation.

By carefully reducing the rate (effectively causing slow motion) we managed to get all three flowers to grow at the same time.

Some of the children explored this setting with the cloud and the sun making the sun shine more and the cloud rain more.

After a little exploration of this setting most of the children in the group finished their animations and were very proud of their achievements.

They exported the finished animation as a video and again using the wonders of AirDrop shared their completed work with me so that I could share them with the rest of the group. To do this I used the projection system in the room hooked up to my laptop and connected to my iPad wirelessly using another great app called AirServer. Some examples of their animations can be found below.

The children have been brilliant so far and next week we will be starting a new 3 week project using Scratch to create some simple games.






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