Digital Leader visit Myrtle Park

A few days ago I visited Myrtle Park Primary school where I was greeted by Mrs Glennon who is the lead for Digital Leaders at the school. The Digital Leaders all re-introduced themselves after we had met at the Innovation Centre in Bradford where they attended day 1 of the Bradford Digital Leader Academy back in October 2018.

During the first training session the children had been introduced to the Education Platform Edmodo where we discussed Online Safety issues around using a social media platform and explored the nine level one badges available for them to achieve as Digital Leaders. This visit was to find out what activities they had been involved with since the initial training day.

The children have recently created a PowerPoint they were going to show the rest of the school at an assembly and this included some information about Online Safety, a coding club the children were running

The Online Safety aspect included looking at the use of avatars (a topic we explored in our day 1 training) whether you should use your name online and age limits and further information for several social media sites.

The children have also proposed to run code clubs at school that runs on a Monday and a Friday and this was in the process of being agreed by SLT. The plan was for the Digital Leaders to deliver a session aimed at KS1 on a Monday and for KS2 on a Friday. The children had decided to use Scratch and some other online coding sites and were investigating whether Kodu would run on their school PCs. They were also considering Scratch Junior for the KS1 children.

The assembly was also an opportunity for the children to introduce themselves to the whole school and to let them know they were available to help them with anything related to the use of technology and that a notice board with further information about the Digital Leaders would be available shortly.

The children have supported children within their own class but have also been tasked to find a successful system for managing the school chrome books so that they are all put back properly after being used and are charged ready for the next class to use. The children were exploring doing some training for a few children in each class to ensure this issue was simply resolved.

The children were clearly close to achieving several of the Digital Leader level 1 badges and agreed to contact me through Edmodo in the near future to apply for these.

The children were very enthusiastic about their roles as Digital Leaders and were looking forward to day 2 training where they will be looking at data security and passwords in particular as well as creating 3D printed Digital Leader badges. Great work Myrtle Park.

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