Digital Leaders Burley Oaks

In late January I visited Burley Oaks Primary school where I was greeted by the school lead for Digital Leaders Ms Archer who has been successfully involved in the Bradford Digital Leader programme for many years. The Digital Leaders quickly re-introduced themselves after we had met at the Innovation Centre in Bradford where they attended day 1 of the Bradford Digital Leader Academy back in October 2018.

During the first training session the children had been introduced to the Education Platform Edmodo where we discussed Online Safety issues around using a social media platform and explored the nine level one badges available for them to achieve as Digital Leaders. This visit was to find out what activities they had been involved with since the initial training day.

The school has Digital Leaders who attended the training last year in year 6 and these children from year 5 were supporting them.

Since the training the children had been focusing on Safer Internet day and had created 2 movies using this year’s Safer Internet day themes. They had created the films using the Green Screen technologies we explored during day 1 of the training. This builds on the Online Safety work delivered by last year’s Digital Leaders where the children in the school have to finish off the story captured in the two movie clips they have created. This is delivered as a competition across the school where scripts are submitted to complete the films and the Digital Leaders then choose a script to use to complete the film ending. This is a great idea and one that clearly works well across the school.

The children created a video on day 1 of the training and are looking for an assembly slot to share this with the wider school; they have a Digital Leader board displaying information about all the Digital Leaders in school in a prominent corridor so that the rest of the school know who they are and how they can support them. They also want to use the assembly to model good practice with regard to using and charging iPads across the school. The children also discussed talking to other children on Edmodo to share strategies with other schools on such issues and to get further ideas about Digital Leader projects.

The school have a well-established system where children across the school who need help with their technology / computing work can add a slip with details of their request into a Digital Leader help box and the Digital Leaders then find the child and help them during breaks and lunch times.

The Digital Leaders had supported several teachers and other pupils who had accidentally changed the orientation of a monitor through a combination of keys on the keyboard, a very useful skill to have!

The children were very enthusiastic about their roles as Digital Leaders and were looking forward to day 2 training where they will be looking at data security and passwords in particular as well as creating 3D printed Digital Leader badges. Well done Burley Oaks!

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