Skype call with Digital Leaders

The Digital Leaders at Keighley St Andrew’s Primary have been engaged with the Curriculum Innovation team’s Digital Leader Academy Plus program. This builds on the work they have previously done through the Digital Leader Academy program. They attended a session earlier in the year where we looked closely on how to design, develop and deliver presentations and a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to talk to them through Skype to see how they were getting on.

Since the last meeting the children have created a display board in school about Digital Leaders. This includes a simple bio and picture of the children, some of their favourite online activities and some tips about online safety. They have also put some information online about their activities on their school website

The children have been working on their presentation skills and recently created a presentation for children about how to stay safe online during and delivered this during the school’s Online Safety week coinciding with Safer internet Day.

After delivering recent presentations, the children reflected on how well they did. The children stated that they maintained good eye contact with their audience and their body language was relaxed and confident when delivering. When designing the presentation they used a consistent background and theme throughout. The images they chose were very appropriate and they limited the amount of text on the slides to just the bare minimum needed. Digital Leader lead Lauren Mooney was very impressed with the children’s improved presentation skills and confidence of delivery.

Going forward the children have been allocated a year group each to work with around the use of technology and blogging. They also had the idea of creating a box for any technology related queries from children that they could then respond to later.

The children have also decided to look through the Digital Leader badges on Edmodo to see if they have achieved any more of the badges available through the Digital Leader Academy Program.

The children have made great progress with their work around presenting and I look forward to working with them on the second session of the program where we will be creating video tutorials.

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