The Curriculum Innovation team in Bradford has provided training and support for Digital Leaders for over 8 years and Curriculum Innovation consultant Paul Scott is responsible for this provision. Paul has over 18 years teaching experience in Primary schools where he was the lead for ICT / Computing and he has been a consultant with Bradford Council’s Curriculum Innovation team for over 10 years. He has been responsible for designing, developing and delivering the Digital Leader Academy (DLA) programme for Primary schools over the last 5 years. This year he launched a new programme for existing / established Digital Leaders called Digital Leader Academy Plus. Details of each of the programmes can be found on this site. The content for both programmes is based on the National Digital Leader Framework created by Paul and Chris Sharples  in 2014.

Previously we have published posts about our Digital Leaders on our main blog but we have now created this site as a specialist blog for Digital Leaders across the country and developed an online version of the very successful Digital Leader Academy programme available to any primary school.

Both Digital Leader programmes make use of the free online learning space Edmodo to communicate and share Digital Leader information and activities across the Digital Leader Academy community and includes a series of online badges and certificates that children can achieve through their school based Digital Leader activities. Over the last 5 years we have worked with over 40 schools and 500 pupils to train and accredit high quality Digital Leaders and we look forward to working with more schools and pupils over the coming years.