Naace ICT Impact Awards

2 weeks ago, members of the Curriculum Innovation team attended the Naace Conference 2013 in Leicester. One of the highlights of this international conference are the ICT Impact Awards which celebrate effective use of ICT that has had a proven impact on learning whether it is children or adult learners.

This year saw nominations and shortlisting for both the Curriculum ICT team in the Curriculum Support Service Category and for Chris Mayoh (a member of the Curriculum Innovation Team) in the Primary Impact Category. In all the award categories there were some very strong contenders and making a final choice by the judges must have been extremely difficult.

The Curriculum ICT team were nominated for the following reason:-
‘For the support offered by their Curriculum ICT team, ensuring their schools are kept up-to-date with new initiatives and encouraged to implement new technologies, such as the Digital Leaders Programme.’

Chris Mayoh, Bowling Park Primary, was nominated for the following reason:-
‘For revolutionising opportunities for independent learning and for implementing rigorous processes for e-safety training.’

Congratulations to all the winners. The full list can be viewed here:-

A huge congratulations to Chris from all of the Curriculum Innovation Team. He was chosen as the worthy winner of the Primary Impact Award. Other teams within CBMDC are also extremely proud of him as well.

Digital Leaders Case Studies

Since October 2011, Innovation Centres’ Learning and Teaching Consultants Vicki Cox and Chris Mayoh have been working in partnership with schools to successfully deliver pupil Digital Leader projects. These projects have enabled pupils to take on leadership roles with regard to effectively utilising new and emerging technologies to enhance learning across the curriculum. We are pleased to have supported 49 primary and 2 secondary schools so far!

The innovative professional development organisation, Vital (provided by the Open University), recently carried out in-depth case studies of the projects run at two of these schools, Long Lee Primary School and Parkside School.

You can read full the full case studies here:

Long Lee Primary School Case Study

Parkside School Case Study

Both case studies clearly demonstrate the positive impact this has had on pupil and staff use of 3rd millennium learning technologies and the role of the high quality provision provided by the Innovation Centres team. This is summarised by a few of the many positive statements contained in the case studies as outlined below:

“Teachers drawing on Digital Leader support were observed to have fast-paced, dynamic lessons that were richly supported by technology.”

“Teachers describe Digital Leaders as, “a vital resource” and feel supported in using ICT to support learning in other subjects.”

“The school Literacy Leader indicates that the Digital Leaders’ work on promoting blogging and the schools’ e-book provision is beginning to have a motivational impact on reluctant readers and writers, particularly boys.”

“The role of the local authority was significant in establishing the project and facilitating cross-school networking and sharing of good practice.”

Thank you to both schools which took part in the case study and to all of the schools we have been fortunate to work with on such an exciting project.

If you would like to find out more about running Digital Leaders in primary and secondary schools then please visit the Digital Leaders section of the Innovation Centres website. Alternatively, contact or

Naace ICT Impact Awards 2013 shortlist

Bradford’s Curriculum ICT team are delighted to announce that they have been shortlisted as a finalist at the Naace ICT Impact Awards 2013. The shortlist for the awards was announced on Thursday 31 January at 2pm on the Naace stand at Bett 2013. The Naace Impact Awards celebrate the impact educators have made on teaching and learning with the children/adults they work with and support.

The team were nominated in the ‘Curriculum Support Service Impact’ category by Isobel Fairburn at Hothfield Junior School, Bradford. Excellent customer service is assumed by this award, but to win it, it is necessary to show how a third millennium curriculum has been accommodated in the service provided.

One of the members of our team – Chris Mayoh (@chrismayoh) has also been shortlisted in the ‘Primary Impact’ category for a 2nd consecutive year. This award recognises a project that articulates the impact and outcomes that applying technology appropriately can have in a primary setting.

The final list of shortlisted nominations can be found here Naace ICT Impact Awards 2013 Shortlist.

The team would like to thank everybody who have sent messages of support and encouragement via Twitter and e-mail:-

“That’s an awesome shortlist for the #naace awards! Congratulations to the #bradfordict team.” Sarah Walsh, St Cuthbert and the First Martyrs Primary, Bradford

“Curriculum ICT shortlisted for Naace Impact Award. Congratulations to the whole team – well deserved.” Andy Gaunt, Greengates Primary, Bradford

“Huge congratulations to the #Bradfordict team on their Naace nomination…..good luck guys.” Dan Cresswell, Education City

“Congratulations on Naace shortlisting – Richly deserved and good luck!” Julian Wood, Wybourn Communtiy Primary, Sheffield

“There isn’t a team like you guys….anywhere!! #welldeserved.” Liz Brook, St Michaels C of E Primary, Wakefield

“Congratulations – well deserved by all!” Moira Hogan, All Saints C of E Primary, Ilkley

“Congratulations to you all on being shortlisted and to Chris too.” Isobel Fairburn, Hothfield Junior, Bradford

New CEOP / ThinkuKnow video resource

CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre) have produced many high quality resources for supporting schools with their E-safeguarding curriculum through the ThinkuKnow website and their video resources are always of a very high quality. On the 31st October they released a new edition to their video library called ‘First to a Million‘. The film is aimed at 13 to 18-year-olds and shows a group of teenagers competing to gain one million views of their video clips as they produce increasingly outrageous videos which feature ill-fated pranks.

This video is very original in the way that it allows the viewer to interact with the video; the opening video sets the context of the film and then allows the viewer to choose what happens next providing an interactive and personal experience. The interactive video resource is available to stream from here or you can download the interactive video to play on your PC or Mac here via the KS3/4 tab along with a full pack of teaching resources .

Bradford Digital Leaders Conference 2012


Digital Leaders
Picture courtesy of Thank you

A sample of Digital Leaders from some of the 36 Bradford Primary Schools now active with the programme demonstrated how they can work confidently with new technologies; communicate ideas clearly, and in some instances help to upskill school staff and students so that they are able to embed new technologies creatively.

Many of these Digital Leaders (DLs) had to undergo a rigorous application process to prove that they had professional credentials, and that they were conscientious and reflective learners who could take responsibility for organising themselves, and could commit to attending regular Digital Leader sessions and meetings in schools for the duration of the programme.

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E-Book Reviews

As part of World Book Day 2012 pupil’s at Myrtle Park developed a collection of peer reviewed books to widen their range of reading choices and tastes.  Here are a few of those featured on the Kindles…

TITLE: Teacher’s Pet RATING: 5 out of 5

AUTHOR: Morris Gleitzman RECOMMEND: Y / N

ILLUSTRATOR: Moira Millman GENRE: Fiction

SYNOPSIS: It is about a girl called Ginger and she is allergic to cats, which is unlucky since she has cats as pets. On the way to school Ginger meets a stray dog, but he is accused of biting the principles ankle. So Ginger is on a mission to clear the dog’s name.

I CHOSE THIS BOOK BECAUSE: I like pets and I thought the front cover looked interesting. Once I had read the blurb I knew it would be a book I would enjoy. Also the title sounded like it was going to be a humorous book.

I LIKED / DISLIKED IT BECAUSE: I liked this book, because it was funny and interesting. As well it was quite heart-warming, because of the relationship between Ginger and the dog.

By Claudia

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As part of Year 6 topic links with Black History and Literacy, a collection of biographies have been uploaded to the Kindles featuring people from Rosa parks to Barack Obama to Tinie Tempah!  Here are just a few of the brilliant examples that everyone can now enjoy…


Timothy McKenzie was born on the 21st of March 1989 in Hackney, London and chose the stage name ‘Labrinth’ – why did he choose that name?  Labyrinth went to Stoke Newington School and became interested in a musical career during his school years – was this because he wanted to be famous?  Labrinth was signed for Simon Cowell’s record label ‘SyCo’.  Many record labels wanted McKenzie, but Simon just grabbed him – he was the first non-talent show singer in six years at ‘SyCo’.

Labrinth is a rapper who works with Tinie Tempah and features on Professor Green’s song ‘Oh My God’ taken from the album ‘Alive Til I’m Dead’.  He is writing songs for Professor Green, N-Dubz, Pixie Lott, Preeya Kalidas, Loick Essien and remixing songs from JLS.  McKenzie produced for Master Shortie in his album ‘A.D.H.D.’  Labrinth made his debut appearance on the UK chart in March 2010, when his appearance with Tinie Tempah on ‘Pass Out’ (which he co-wrote) reached number-one.  This was followed by the number two single ‘Frisky’.

His first solo single entitled ‘Let The Sun Shine’ was released in September 2010 and reached number three in the charts.  His second single ‘Earthquake’ was released in October 2011 and reached number 2 in the UK charts.  Labrinth continues to record and produce music – will he ever get that solo number 1?

By Oscar

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Kindles are…GO!

The latest news on the Myrtle Park Primary ‘Kindle’ project is that we will be focussing on engaging readers as opposed to tracking attainment in the first instance.  The reasoning being that by getting children involved in reading, the progress will naturally follow…it’s a ‘no brainer’ really!

The next steps are to complete an on-line ‘Poll Daddy’ survey to set a baseline for children’s attitudes towards reading, based on the Ofsted questioning for Key Stages 1 and 2 and see if they have changed by the end of the project at Easter 2012.

Also, keep an eye out for the here for our ‘Kindle vs Hardback’ pupil analysis…

Digital Leaders

In Autumn 2011, the Innovation Centres started supporting the Digital Leader’s Training Academy.
Groups of children in various schools were chosen by staff through various selection processes, e.g. application and interview to become a digital leader.
Once selected, the children attended their first training session based at one of the Innovation Centres ( TICB or TICK) to discuss, train and develop their skills in leading in this role at their school. Although good knowledge of ICT / new technologies was preferable, delivering, presenting, sharing and being able to organise were other skills that were necessary to be competent and successful in the role.
The first session involved evaluating new technologies, E-safeguarding, presenting and blogging. Next steps were given to the children, followed up by a visit by the digital leader trainers Chris Mayoh and Vicki Cox.

Session two will take place for the first cohort in the coming weeks at the Innovation Centres. We currently have two cohorts with 12 schools in each, participating in the project.

Please feel free to comment on the blog at this current address digitalleaders to ask how the digital leaders are finding their new role and what they have been doing.