As part of Year 6 topic links with Black History and Literacy, a collection of biographies have been uploaded to the Kindles featuring people from Rosa parks to Barack Obama to Tinie Tempah!  Here are just a few of the brilliant examples that everyone can now enjoy…


Timothy McKenzie was born on the 21st of March 1989 in Hackney, London and chose the stage name ‘Labrinth’ – why did he choose that name?  Labyrinth went to Stoke Newington School and became interested in a musical career during his school years – was this because he wanted to be famous?  Labrinth was signed for Simon Cowell’s record label ‘SyCo’.  Many record labels wanted McKenzie, but Simon just grabbed him – he was the first non-talent show singer in six years at ‘SyCo’.

Labrinth is a rapper who works with Tinie Tempah and features on Professor Green’s song ‘Oh My God’ taken from the album ‘Alive Til I’m Dead’.  He is writing songs for Professor Green, N-Dubz, Pixie Lott, Preeya Kalidas, Loick Essien and remixing songs from JLS.  McKenzie produced for Master Shortie in his album ‘A.D.H.D.’  Labrinth made his debut appearance on the UK chart in March 2010, when his appearance with Tinie Tempah on ‘Pass Out’ (which he co-wrote) reached number-one.  This was followed by the number two single ‘Frisky’.

His first solo single entitled ‘Let The Sun Shine’ was released in September 2010 and reached number three in the charts.  His second single ‘Earthquake’ was released in October 2011 and reached number 2 in the UK charts.  Labrinth continues to record and produce music – will he ever get that solo number 1?

By Oscar

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Kindles are…GO!

The latest news on the Myrtle Park Primary ‘Kindle’ project is that we will be focussing on engaging readers as opposed to tracking attainment in the first instance.  The reasoning being that by getting children involved in reading, the progress will naturally follow…it’s a ‘no brainer’ really!

The next steps are to complete an on-line ‘Poll Daddy’ survey to set a baseline for children’s attitudes towards reading, based on the Ofsted questioning for Key Stages 1 and 2 and see if they have changed by the end of the project at Easter 2012.


Also, keep an eye out for the here for our ‘Kindle vs Hardback’ pupil analysis…