Digital Leaders Case Studies

Since October 2011, Innovation Centres’ Learning and Teaching Consultants Vicki Cox and Chris Mayoh have been working in partnership with schools to successfully deliver pupil Digital Leader projects. These projects have enabled pupils to take on leadership roles with regard to effectively utilising new and emerging technologies to enhance learning across the curriculum. We are pleased to have supported 49 primary and 2 secondary schools so far!

The innovative professional development organisation, Vital (provided by the Open University), recently carried out in-depth case studies of the projects run at two of these schools, Long Lee Primary School and Parkside School.

You can read full the full case studies here:

Long Lee Primary School Case Study

Parkside School Case Study

Both case studies clearly demonstrate the positive impact this has had on pupil and staff use of 3rd millennium learning technologies and the role of the high quality provision provided by the Innovation Centres team. This is summarised by a few of the many positive statements contained in the case studies as outlined below:

“Teachers drawing on Digital Leader support were observed to have fast-paced, dynamic lessons that were richly supported by technology.”

“Teachers describe Digital Leaders as, “a vital resource” and feel supported in using ICT to support learning in other subjects.”

“The school Literacy Leader indicates that the Digital Leaders’ work on promoting blogging and the schools’ e-book provision is beginning to have a motivational impact on reluctant readers and writers, particularly boys.”

“The role of the local authority was significant in establishing the project and facilitating cross-school networking and sharing of good practice.”

Thank you to both schools which took part in the case study and to all of the schools we have been fortunate to work with on such an exciting project.

If you would like to find out more about running Digital Leaders in primary and secondary schools then please visit the Digital Leaders section of the Innovation Centres website. Alternatively, contact or

Bradford Digital Leaders Conference 2012


Digital Leaders
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A sample of Digital Leaders from some of the 36 Bradford Primary Schools now active with the programme demonstrated how they can work confidently with new technologies; communicate ideas clearly, and in some instances help to upskill school staff and students so that they are able to embed new technologies creatively.

Many of these Digital Leaders (DLs) had to undergo a rigorous application process to prove that they had professional credentials, and that they were conscientious and reflective learners who could take responsibility for organising themselves, and could commit to attending regular Digital Leader sessions and meetings in schools for the duration of the programme.

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Digital Leaders

In Autumn 2011, the Innovation Centres started supporting the Digital Leader’s Training Academy.
Groups of children in various schools were chosen by staff through various selection processes, e.g. application and interview to become a digital leader.
Once selected, the children attended their first training session based at one of the Innovation Centres ( TICB or TICK) to discuss, train and develop their skills in leading in this role at their school. Although good knowledge of ICT / new technologies was preferable, delivering, presenting, sharing and being able to organise were other skills that were necessary to be competent and successful in the role.
The first session involved evaluating new technologies, E-safeguarding, presenting and blogging. Next steps were given to the children, followed up by a visit by the digital leader trainers Chris Mayoh and Vicki Cox.

Session two will take place for the first cohort in the coming weeks at the Innovation Centres. We currently have two cohorts with 12 schools in each, participating in the project.

Please feel free to comment on the blog at this current address digitalleaders to ask how the digital leaders are finding their new role and what they have been doing.