Explore Learning and Bradford Libraries Maths Skills Workshops

Would you like to become a budding entrepreneur? Want to own a business? Come along to Explore Learning’s FREE virtual life-skills maths AND English themed workshops for Bradford children! These workshops allow children to build on work-life skills such as budgeting, calculating change, business revenue and even paying the bills! With our maths skills at the ready, we will add, subtract, divide, and multiply to become successful business people- of all ages! For ages 6-7, join us on Saturday 29th May at 10am! We will develop understanding of handling money and calculating change from a given amount. What food will you buy at Explore’s restaurant?

For ages 8-9, join us Friday 4th June at 10am! We will budget for a day trip! We’ve got to think about a lot when we go to the zoo- activities, lunch, and don’t forget the all-important gift shop. For ages 10-11, join us Saturday 29th May at 12pm! We will focus on the money in our pockets! Will you spend or will you save? We will work on maths proof and working systematically to solve these real-life maths problems! For ages 12-13, join us on Tuesday 1st June at 12pm! We will develop understanding of bills along with credit and debit. What card will you choose? Let’s calculate and compare our spending. Be careful not to become over-drawn! For ages 13-15, join us on Tuesday 1st June at 1pm! We will delve into the life of a budding entrepreneur. Look at revenue, expenditure, and profit to find break-even points. Try your hand at plotting data on line graphs for real business costs. Will they succeed? We are very excited for you to be joining us on our entrepreneurship journey!

Visit https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/explore-learning-free-half-term-reallife-entrepreneur-virtual-workshops-tickets-153122677049 r9 to book your places now! …and don’t forget to check us out on Instagram at explore_bradford for regular updates