School routines at home during lockdown

•School age children are used to routines at school so try to recreate this at home if you can. Lots of schools will have provided timetables. Use these or adapt to fit your day.
•If your child is reluctant to follow your routine, try not to let it get to you. They are also feeling the strain.
•It may take a while to get it right so keep being kind to yourself. Start each new day afresh – don’t worry about what has gone before.

At home with your child/children

In this current lockdown there is even more support from a range of sources. The BBC is showing curriculum based programming every weekday on the CBBC channel and on iPlayer and this is supported with lessons on their website – BBC Bitesize. The popular sports personality Joe Wicks is doing online PE on YouTube. Most schools are now set up to do online learning over Zoom or other similar video meeting tools.

Summer Reading Challenge

This year the ever popular Summer Reading Challenge will launch on July 13 and all children from 4 to 14 years can register for a Silly Squad Summer Reading Challenge pack when they collect their book orders.
The Summer Reading Challenge is also available at