Parents and learners at Harewood House nr Leeds, West Yorkshire
During summer 2013 questionnaires were sent out to centres which had run or were running Family Learning courses. Here is some of the feedback we received:

“Some of the learners have gained enough confidence after attending the course to volunteer in school. Their children are very proud of them.”
Fearnville Primary School

“More confident and eager parents – In my view, these courses are
building blocks between parents and school.”
Farnham Primary,

“Many of our parents have increased confidence after attending
and therefore join in other activities such as fundraising”
Sandy Lane Primary.”

“The parents that attend school have better attitudes to learning and accordingly have greater relationships within school. Together this increases confidence and attendance by pupils and parents.”

“Looking forward to September to look at more family learning courses. This is a good platform to engage parents and new parents to enable confidence in the school setting.”

“Family Learning courses result in greater parent involvement in children’s education. Parents feel as though they have gained confidence in the ability to help their children with schoolwork at home. We have also found that the courses have led to an improvement in children’s attendance and the development of a more positive attitude towards learning.”

“This service has been once again a valuable part in many of our parent’s lives, and has often been the highlight of their week. These courses have often been a stepping stone to learner future goals and lead to further education.”