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Personal bests.

Year 3 pupils have been achieving personal bests in PE today using lots of different skills.


How many skips can you do without stopping?
From how far away can you throw a beanbag into a bucket?
How many pins can you knock over in ten pin bowling?

3I Spider Dance

Year 3 have been using a piece of jazz music called ‘She Eats Flies’ in our PE dance unit.  We found out all we could about spiders – how they eat, live and move – and created dances which expressed this and reflected the music.


5P use the Internet to learn more about . . .

5P are using the Internet to learn more about water cycles and the environment.

Using 5P have discovered how to conserve water and how easy it is to waste water.

Have a look at the website and see if you can learn something new about water!

You won’t be a drip !!!  (sorry)

3B’s reports about Hothfield.

3B have written some reports about Hothfield to let you know what happens at our school.

(Double click on a report to make it larger).

by Anise


by Daniel


by Ella C


by George


by Kai


by Laila.

If I wanted to find anything out about the school I would definitely ask year 3.

Even more technology whizz kids!

Katie’s kapla pagoda – Katie demonstrated plenty of resilience when making this as it kept falling down!


Daniel’s lego house.


Ed Sheeran would be proud….

What has been made in Technology club this week?

Simon built a plane and a tree.



Ben built a lego forest with camouflaged people hidden in it.


Elliot built a lego Ferrari! Vrrrroooooooommmmmm!!


Good work guys!

Year 3’s top taggers!

Year 3 have been practising their tagging skills in tag rugby this afternoon.

Harvey and Kai were the ‘Top Taggers’.


Year 5’s trip to Esholt Water Treatment Works.

As well as recycling water, Yorkshire Water tries to use some of the processes to help them save energy. Caitlin (5F), wants to know if you can think what energy saving process this demonstration shows. Do you know?

Year 5’s trip to Esholt Water Treatment Plant.

This is the final stage, the sludge is removed from the top of the water and the cleaned water is discharged into the River Aire.

The children are looking down at the water as it rushes into the River.

Posters below created by 5C

Year 5’s trip to Esholt Water Treatment Works.

This is a process near the end of the cleaning process. Air is pumped into the water. Sludge floats the the surface along with the air. It is carried out in big tanks and is called Dissoved Air Flotation.

Everyone had to wear a hard hat, hi-viz (high visibility) jacket and glasses because we were on a working site.