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Cycling safely.


Hothfield children learning to ride their bikes safely.

Why is it so important to be sensible when riding a bike?

Can you think of a short rhyme to help us remember to ride of bikes safely and sensibly?

Runners – up.


Our team finished as runners up. Well done to them. And, well done to our player of the tournament.


Year 6 use the internet to revise


This afternoon year 6 revised using BBC Revisewise.

What websites would you recommend to progress your learning?

Champions of champions tag rugby tournament.


Some of our y6 boys have been representing us in a tag rugby tournament at Cougar Park in Keighley today.

Our players demonstrated plenty of neat passes, mazy runs and impressive tackles.

We beat Lees 3-2 but lost 5-3 to Burley Oaks. Both matches were very competitve and played in a great sporting manner.

Our signing group in action…


Our signing group are learning British Sign Language with Mrs Spencer on Tuesday lunchtimes…

Can you speak another language?

Lunch time


The dinner ladies work very hard preparing our lunches for us.


This is the menu today.

What would you choose to eat?

I would have the vegetable curry and fruit crumble.


Year 3 are investigating databases


Last week year 3 created databases by asking questions to members of their class.

Each question had to be thought about very carefully, some answers required numbers only.  One or more question required a ‘drop down menu’ for choices and another field the answer could be ‘written free hand’ eg: first name.

This week these databases are been investigated to find “most popular” and “least popular”.

Some questions and results showed some very interesting findings.

We are also looking at the results of this data using different methods.

How do you like to read data?

Line graph / Pie chart / Bar chart / List ??????

Do you know how to create databases and read the results?