Daily Archives: May 23, 2012

Thunderbird Mole

Ben has continued the Thunderbird theme by building the Thunderbird Mole. It has moving parts. Do you know why it is called the mole?


Kapla snail


Can you guess how many bricks Katie used?

5P sketching in the wildlife garden


Blogging display board


Keep checking the display ~ updates of visitors will be displayed.

3B share flipboom movies


What story would you animate?

Blog Award

Although Hothfield’s Blog is new, we are very proud of it. We are really pleased to have been nominated in a competition which celebrates school blog sites. If you would also like to nominate Hothfield, please click on the badge.
You can nominate and vote for a blog in as many categories as you like, although you can only do it once. Please get your friends and family to vote as well – the blog with the most votes gets into the final!

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Fireball XL 5

Ben has made a replica of Fireball xl5. Do you know who produced the Fireball XL 5 TV series?



Good morning blue sky


How does a blue sky inspire you?