Daily Archives: May 31, 2012

Personal bests.

Year 3 pupils have been achieving personal bests in PE today using lots of different skills.


How many skips can you do without stopping?
From how far away can you throw a beanbag into a bucket?
How many pins can you knock over in ten pin bowling?

3I Spider Dance

Year 3 have been using a piece of jazz music called ‘She Eats Flies’ in our PE dance unit.  We found out all we could about spiders – how they eat, live and move – and created dances which expressed this and reflected the music.


5P use the Internet to learn more about . . .

5P are using the Internet to learn more about water cycles and the environment.

Using http://www.thewaterfamily.co.uk/index2_content.html 5P have discovered how to conserve water and how easy it is to waste water.

Have a look at the website and see if you can learn something new about water!

You won’t be a drip !!!  (sorry)