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Hothfield Junior shared a tweet with you a great afternoon at the Olympic summer fayre. Tell us about your afternoon on the blog — Hothfield Junior Sch (@Hothfield_Sch)

All the fun of the Hothfield Summer Fayre…


Here the Silsden majorettes perform in front of the fire engine… A huge thank you to all the parents and children who supported the fayre by running a stall or just by coming along. What a great day for our Hothfield family.

Spellbound by Wes…


Wes and some of the children shared their writing with the rest of the school…


Inspired by poet Wes Magee


Some of our Year 5 children had the opportunity to work with the poet Wes Magee today. Tell us how he inspired you children…

Blogger of the week – 29th June

Year 3 Charlie, congratulations for the great comments you add to the blog on a regular basis.

Year 5 Spots of the week

Well done everyone

Lego Club explores how to make their models move.

This week some model makers explored how they could make their models move using different techniques including pneumatics, levers, wheels and cogs. Here are some of the results:

Mrs Burgoyne on stilts

Mrs Burgoyne is Hothfield’s champion stilt walker. Without any wobbles or falling off she covered the stilt course very confidently, even travelling back to the start line. The crowd applauded loudly and cheered her as she covered the course on the stilts. Mrs Burgoyne used to play on stilts when she was little. In a later interview, she said “It was like riding a bike, you never forget the skills.” Can’t wait for Years 3 & 4’s sport’s day so she can have another go. Perhaps we could video it.

Kayleigh was our pupil champion stilt walker. She completed the event without a single fall or wobble. We’ll have to get you on video too Kayleigh. In a later interview, Kayleigh said ” On sports day I walked on the stilts right to the end. I’m really proud of myself because last year I couldn’t do it at all!”

Dust storm brings Saharan sand to the UK

Have you noticed that cars are covered in dust? Maybe this time it’s not because they haven’t been washed for a while. Follow the link to the MET Office’s Blog and find out more.

Do you know where in the world the dust has come from?