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Jubilee Celebrations

Lots of singing and dancing

Year 6 IMPS trip to Airedale Hosptial

Looks like Year 6 enjoyed the trip

What kind of things did you learn ?

Water Treatment Photographs from 5P’s trip

A few photos from 5P’s trip to the Water Treatment Works

Farmer’s Field Investigation


Year 4 solved this problem today – can you?

Farmer’s Field Investigation.

A farmer had two sons.  One of the sons, Harry, was hard working and made the best use of all the land he had.  The other son, Larry, was lazy and never did more work than he had to.  One day the farmer decided to give his sons 24 kilometres of fencing each.  He told them they could fence in the largest area of land he could so he could grow as many crops as possible. The lazy son, Larry, wanted to fence in the smallest area so he would not have to do much work.

The problem

The problem is to find the largest area for Harry and the smallest area for Larry you can make with 24 kilometres of fence. The first thing need to decide is the scale you are going to use.  One centimetre to represent each kilometre might be a good starting point.

What results have you managed to find??

Year 5 and 6 ‘Spotted’ children

Every Friday we hold special assemblies to celebrate

Special People Of The School’ SPOT’s

Year 5 pupils above

(Year 6 pupils photos to be taken)

Well done

Jubilee at Hothfield

George is showing the Jubilee medal given to children to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. George would like to know when was the Queen’s Coronation?


Red white and blue for the Jubilee..