Daily Archives: June 15, 2012

Lots of rain

All this rain made me think of Noah!

Question: Noah saw 12 legs walk by into the Ark.

How many creatures did he see? (Clue: 2 animals, but what kind ??)





4W investigate solids and liquids

4W find out how to separate mixtures of rice and water and flour and water.

We’d welcome any ideas about how to separate a solution of sugar and water, which are currently on the window sill of the classroom!

A maths challenge from Mrs Levi


Have a go :-)) drag the numbers into the correct order.

5P are working on a information booklet about rivers of the world.


A challenge to year 5.

Tell us one piece of information you have included in your Rivers Booklet.

Education City congratulates Jess, on our school twitter account

@Hothfield_Sch well done Jess! — EducationCity UK (@EducationCity)



5F are creating fact files for Euro 2012

Everyone in 5F (and Mrs Spencer), are supporting a team in the Euro competition. The winner will receive a prize.
Everyone is making a fact file for their country to go on display.





Shapes and clues

Sam T and Elly have been sorting shapes in maths.


Do you think all of these are correct?

Blogger of the week

Mr Bolland introduces our new weekly award for the person who has contributed good comments on the school blog.

The first blogger of the week is Jess Crocker.