Daily Archives: June 20, 2012

Simon’s kapla bridge

Simon built this bridge at technology club.


I bet it took a lot of hard work to build this.

Euro 2012 maths

Year 3 have been making pictograms to show  some Euro 2012 information.



What Euro 2012 facts can you work out from this pictogram?

Looking at the treasure chest

Mrs Levy is making sure everyone works hard today -even the parrot is keeping an eye on everyone!

Year 3’s are checking the blogging site

Mr Bolland’s class are keeping up to date, with the new blogs added today

Beware pirates in school!

Ahoy there me hearties and jo ho ho. Year 5 are dressed as pirates as part of our Treasure Island topic.




There be pirates in 5P

Pirate day in Year 5.

Mrs Levy’s class of scallywags