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Investigating what different animals eat in year 3.

Year 3 have been working out what different animals eat by looking at their teeth.



Can you name any types of teeth?

What do the words carnivore, herbivore and omnivore mean?

I will give a house point to anyone who can answer either of those questions.


Hothfield has a new blog which will showcase our children’s writing for a 100 word writing challenge. Selected pieces will be entered to the 100 Word Challenge site see our links or click here
The challenge this week was a different type of prompt. Children had 5 words to use in their writing. They could be anywhere in the piece and in any order but they had to use them all! That means they had 105 words this week. The words are:-






Look at our 100WC Blog to see the children’s writing.

Has your writing been selected?

Leaning tower of…Hothfield??


by James and Josh.

The new Hothfield School Council


Our first meeting and we have already decided to support Jeans for Genes Day next Friday. But what playground equipment should we order? Any ideas?

We love languages. Do you?



To celebrate this year’s European Day of Languages (26.09.12), the children have taken part in a Languages assembly.   We would like to say thank you to the parents who joined us – it was lovely to see you.
We are very fortunate to have children who can speak a second or even third language including Thai, Chinese, Finnish, Polish, Hungarian, Urdu, Punjabi, Russian, Dutch, French, German, Malialam and British sign language.  Throughout the rest of the week, classes will be investigating the different languages spoken in school and around the world.
The children are very excited to have been given a special badge, with the words “I love languages – do you?” written in one of 22 different languages.   To identify their language and to hear it being spoken, they can go to  If they click on the quiz it will take them to a page showing all the different badge icons.  After listening to the audio files,they can test themselves on the quiz.
They can extend their research by using the following excellent language websites: – a fantastic site where the children can learn facts about the language and countries where it is spoken, listen to and learn key phrases, hear jokes and much more. – another fantastic site where children can listen to children from around the world speaking and learn numbers, greetings and much more.
We hope they have a great time researching their  language  and learn something new.

1940s museum

Year 6 have created their own 1940s museum.

What do you know about the 1940s?

Book reviews from year 6.

Year 6 have been working really hard on their book reviews.

I wonder which books they reviewed? Go and have a look at the display boards outside the year 6 classrooms to find out.

Do you agree with their reviews?

Which book would you like to review?

Year 6 autobiographies

Year 6 have been typing up their autobiographies in the ICT suite.

What important events would you include in an autobiography of your life so far?

Year four tag rugby tournament images.

Here are a selection of images from the year four tag rugby tournament last Friday.

Jacob on a jinking run.

Matthew dodging the attempted tags.

Great passing skills from Hothfield Reds.

Tayyab with eyes on the ball.

Look at the concentration in Mason’s face as he prepares to tag the opposition.

Mackenzie leads the breakaway.

The Hothfield Blues’ defence weren’t letting anyone through.

Archie’s eyes light up as he spots a gap with just seconds remaining…

…and streaks through the opposition defence on his way to scoring the competition winning try.

He touches the ball down to spark wild celebrations.

Ben and Jacob receive the trophy from Hamish.


Fantastic reading…