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Meet the Hothfielders…


Everyone in the school is a Hothfielder. .. They have drawn their picture for the board in Mr Procter’s room. What is special about being a Hothfielder?

This week’s SPOTS


Maths problem of the week…


Mr Crossley’s maths group have a problem of the week. Namwa has solved it wonderfully this week. Can you see how she did it?

Have you joined the French Skipping craze?


The School Council have ordered lots of new equipment for the playground. What do you like playing with?

Studying light and shadow…


What were you learning here 5C? Comments please…

Halloween buns and biscuits…


What a great selection of Halloween buns and biscuits today. Thank you to everyone who sent some in and to our wonderful Parents Group team who ran the stall…

Hothfield 6Rs – Daisy the Responsible Dog

Can you write a story or poem about Daisy?  Look at the pictures of working dogs on display next to Mrs Burgoyne’s room, or do some research about working dogs yourself.  Think about all the qualities of responsibility these dogs need – discipline, loyalty, focus, determination.  This should give you ideas for your story/poem.  Blog your piece of writing and I will put the best up on the display by Mrs Burgoyne’s room.

Mrs Cloke

Year 4


Using key words to search successfully year 4 are using the internet. Why are year 4 using key words? How do you search succesfully?



3B are checking their blog from yesterday

What have 3B learnt about Sikh naming ceremonies?

Can 3B children post a comment containing any information that they have learnt about Sikh naming ceremonies?

A house point will be awarded if it is a true fact.