Daily Archives: October 12, 2012

Faith’s Busy Week Song

Faith in 5F has been busy at home writing lyrics and music for a song.

Faith’s Busy Week Song
I woke up this morning,
Got ready for school,
I went to my lessons,
I ain’t no fool.

I don’t write with a pencil,
I write in pen.
I did it in Year 4,
Now I’ve done it again.

Go running in P.E.
Do numbers in Maths.
I can’t wait for summer,
Ilkley Swimming baths.

At the weekend I’m dancing,
Parties, football and the rest.
I can’t wait for Monday,
‘Cos I need the rest!

Here is Faith singing Faith’s Busy Week Song.

Blogger of the Week

This week’s Blogger of the Week is Matilda from Year 6. Her comments are always thoughtful.



We’re proud of this week’s SPOTS.. Keep up the good work!