Monthly Archives: October 2012

Blogger of the Week

This week’s Blogger of the Week is Matilda from Year 6. Her comments are always thoughtful.



We’re proud of this week’s SPOTS.. Keep up the good work!

Under the sea animations.



Year 3 are making their own animations using ipod touches. Just like the animations we saw in the play last week. They are demonstrating excellent creative and teamwork skills.

Hothfield’s Kapla Tower mark 2

The girls have taken the idea of a Kapla Tower and developed it. Look at the pictures to see how it grows.

Slowly disappearing. Will she get out in time for tea?

I want to break free…

Technology Club

Matthew has made a hammer. Here he is with the instructions he followed. Have you got any jobs for him Mr Procter?

Technology club

Wow, what a super glider which also has a person to fly it. Would you llike to try gliding?

Hothfield’s netball team

Our year 5 and 6 girls’ netball team played their first matches of the season last night.

They were narrowly defeated in their first game last night but played really well.

I think we need to send them some good luck messages and positive vibes to help them in their next matches which take place in a few weeks time.


A record thirty one Hothfield runners braved deep mud and heavy rain to put in a fantastic performance at the first of this year’s KCAC Cross Country Challenges, which took place at Cliffe Castle last Wednesday. Well done to them all for fine individual performances and a tremendous team effort.

Scooter challenge…


Will we beat the other 12 schools in our scooter relay challenge?

Year 4 playing Brainbox games during their golden time.

Which was your favourite game?