Daily Archives: November 21, 2012

Our Digital Day

On Friday the 16th of November, all the Digital Leaders and Assistants spent a day with Mr Mayoh. He taught us how to make tutorials, speak in front of big audiences and how to evaluate technology (he also taught us how to dance). We had masses of fun including the one and only LAZER DISCO!!!!!

On Friday our school was supporting Children in Need by wearing spots to school. Even Mr Mayoh made an effort by wearing spotty socks and shirt. At the end of the day, we made a tutorial on how to use things on Purple Mash. Mr Mayoh was really funny and he made our day one bit better than it already was. He gave us names and Josh was Batman!!

We did presentations about our learning which helped our confidence in talking in front of big audiences. We plan to do staff meetings and show the apps on the I-pod and the training will come in really handy. We really enjoyed our day and we learnt about internet safety by watching a short film.

Written by Namwa and Josh, Digital Leaders

My digital day

My day in the ICT room was awesome. As well as a smiling competition and laser disco, we learnt how to make a presentation to people. After all that fun we had playtime when we came in we had to present our ideas about how easy it was to use an I-pod touch. After dinner we learnt about safe blogging. We watched a video about a girl who was not safe and she told strangers her full name, postcode and house number. I thought the video was really good. Me and Harry worked together doing video tutorials and we had a good laugh doing it. We had to do a video to show how to get on Purple Mash. After we did another laser disco after the laser disco we went on the laptops to make our tutorials.

Written by Kieran Digital Assistant.

Digital day.

Friday was one of the most fun days of my life. We watched a video about a girl breaking all the rules of E-safety but not realising she had.

We also learnt how to make a tutorial video and made our own.

Our teacher was called Mr Mayoh and we did lots of fun activities and even had a lazer disco.

I was still a bit scared when I had to come to the front of the room and say my ideas on the work we did.

On Friday I was nervous and scared and didn’t know if I wanted to do it but by the first break I had changed my mind and wanted to do more.

By Indigo Digital Assistant

Our Digital Leader Training

On Friday 16th November Mr Mayoh came into school to train us to be Digital Leaders.

We learnt about E-safety and how to make video tutorials. When we learnt about E-safety we watched a video about how a girl was putting too much personal information on the internet. Also we learnt how to make video tutorials. I worked with Kiannat and made a video about how to access paint projects on Purple Mash.

Also we evaluated an I-pod touch and presented it to everyone else. We did lots of presentations and learnt what Digital Leader actually meant.

To have a break from work, we turned the lights off and had a disco with pretend music.

By Jasmine Digital Leader.

The Digital Training Day by Harry

On Friday 16th November Mr Mayoh came to Hothfield Junior School to have a training day with the Digital Leaders and Assistants. First of all he talked to us about being digital leaders and assistants. He also explained about E-safety as well.
In the afternoon we tried to make a video tutorial, it was very hard! At the end of the day we had a laser disco. Mr Mayoh made an effort to wear some spots because it was Children In Need Day.

Written by Harry – Digital Assistant