Daily Archives: December 10, 2012

Making Ice Cream in Year 4

As part of their Science learning about keeping things cold and  measuring temperature Year 4 children have been busy making their own ice cream.  The method they used is very topical at the moment because they froze their mixture of milk, cream and sugar using a bag of  ice cubes covered with salt!   What do you think happens to the temperature of ice cubes when they are mixed with salt??
You’ll have to talk to a Year 4 to find out!  A clue is to think about what happens to the ice when the gritters put salt on our roads.
Anyway,  the effects were dramatic and after measuring the temperature of their salty ice and waiting patiently (or rather impatiently) for a few minutes they were able to sample the delights of homemade ice cream.
Simon says he’s going to make some more at home,  Dominic,  Leah, Charlotte  and Louise  ate up every last drop and Finlay is busy thinking about all the different flavours he could make.


Silent Night

Hothhfield held a very successful introduction club into the British Sign Language.

The club was held after school on Thursdays with pupils and parents learning together. The course was so successful it is hoped to be continued.

ICT in year 6


Year 6 are using their skills on the computers to highlight various issues that concern E-Safety. What are the important actions that keep YOU safe whilst using any technology online?

Year 3’s record ‘Old & New’


This morning Mr Bolland’s class walked around Silsden. The focus of the walk is looking at old and new buildings. What things do you see that are different between old and new buildings?