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It’s panto time at Hothfield..



Did you enjoy Dick Whittington and his Cat this afternoon? What was your favourite part?


We all know that keeping safe is very important when we use the Internet for games, chatting, listening to music and many other things.

Year 6 have created some posters to help collect ideas and used Comic Life to present a message about  “How to keep safe”.

Some of the work below are finished, others are near finished. But it was felt that we wanted to share the posters with you now.

What would you consider the safest thing to do when using the internet?

Click on the links below:

E-Safety 1, E-Safety 2, E-Safety 3, E-Safety 4, E-Safety 5, E-Safety 6, E-Safety 7, E-Safety 8, E-Safety 9, E-Safety 10, E-Safety 11 and E-Safety 12.

The above links are just a few of the many Year 6 have made, hopefully soon more will go online and on display.