Monthly Archives: February 2013

Bike rack full

It is good to see lots of bikes today.

Healthy active children attend Hothfield – BRILLIANT

Year 4 production

Year 4 are practicing their “A Trip To France.”

Parents and Carers presentation is on the evening of Wednesday 13th March. More details later.

Perfect weather

We welcome the lovely blue sky.

Lots of running, laughter and playing.

What game would you recommend to a new friend?

Year 6 App Review

This week tthe focused App is:


Stop frame animation is how year 6 are investigating how a body moves. For example – kicking a ball.

This week’s SPOTS


Shakespeare in School


Today our Year 6 had a wonderful experience of Shakespeare with the Young Shakespeare Company performing A Midsummer Night’s Dream…

QR codes

I-nigma is the web site we are using to create our fact sheets about King Henry VIII. We are enjoying using our previously learnt information and putting them into codes.

Reading Test

3H are concentrating on their reading to complete their reading tests.


Year 5 are investigating animation programs.