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This week’s SPOTS


Book Review for the ‘You Review’ Blog by 5F

Katie Morag and the New Pier

Written by Mairi Hedderwick

The book is one of a series of books about the people who live on the Isle of Struay, a Scottish Island. This book is about a new pier being built and how people feel about it. The main character is a girl called Katie Morag. We remember reading the stories in Year 2 and really like them still. We even read this one today. We like the pictures and finding out about the people. We recommend that you read the stories. They are FABBYDOO!

Class 5F


Why are 4 KC asking questions?


Shape activities

Year 3 have been learning about lots of things linked to shapes this week.





What have you learnt this week 3B?


Year 6 have completed their e-safety comic strips.

What would YOU consider an important piece of advice to tell others when online?

Morning break

Year 3 and 4 enjoy playtime.

What games do you enjoy whilst you play?